Friday, July 03, 2009

Eat you heart out, Michael O'Leary

For those of you that believes that Ryanairs boss, Michael O’Leary is the most creative man in the business, think again! According to Sky News, the Chinese air carrier Spring Airlines has plans to offer tickets where you may choose to stand on their flights.

Passengers will be strapped to a kind of a bar stool to ensure safety during travel. Spring Airlines' Zhang Wuan hope that the airline may cut 20% of their costs and allow the planes to take 40% more passengers. It is now considering officially submitting it to the aviation regulator before the year is out.

It seems that creativity in the budget segment of the airline industry has no end. The question is when new creative solutions like these will ultimately threaten the overall safety on board. It may certainly be pleasant enough to be placed on a twig during a smooth flight, but how will it feel during takeoff, landing, and turbulent conditions? Let us hope that the idea is turned down by Chinese aviation authorities. If not, you may soon be standing on Ryanair flights as well, believe me!!

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