Monday, July 13, 2009

Christiansborg Slotskirke - Copenhagen

Christiansborg Slot is the home of the Danish parliament. There have been palaces on the site for over 830 years but the building you see today has burnt down and bern rebuilt many times, as late as 1928.

The current palace as it looks today, dates back to 1733, burnt down in in 1794 and rebuilt in 1828 in empire style. It was ravaged by flames in 1884. By then the royal family had moved to their new residence of Amalienborg Palace.

Attached to the Palace you find the royal chapel, very different in style and character. The first church was architecturally an integral part of the palace complex, but the present is very different from the current castle buildings. It looks like a classic temple, a rectangular white building, with a classic entrance with four jonic-style columns.

The first chapel was constructed 1738-1742 after the large fire, but was lost during the fire of 1794. The present building was designed by C.F. Hansen and built in classicist style 1810-1826. It survived the large fire of 1884but during the city carnival in 1992 a rocket ignited the roof. The church was reconstructed an reopened in 1997.

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