Monday, June 22, 2009

Delicious all natural cold remedy

I have one of those pesky summer colds
. I would like to be outside in the sunshine, but with a nasty cough and a runny nose, all I have the energy for is sitting on my couch, reading a magazine. While I do, this is what I drink to clear my sinuses and relieve my cough.

By guest writer Susanne Koch

In my largest mug, I put one or two slices of luscious organic lemon (I don't want a cup full of pesticides). I add a teaspoon of zesty grated ginger and a teaspoon of golden honey.

This time of year I have pots of aromatic herbs on my balcony. I add four leaves of sage and two sprigs of earthy thyme to the cup and fill it up with boiling water.

The lemon is added because of its high content of vitamin C and the ginger's hot sting will clear the sinuses. Honey has anti-bacterial properties and will calm a sore throat. Sage has a calming effect both on the mind and on throat infections and thyme is anti-septic and relieves coughing.

And as an added bonus, this golden concoction tastes delicious. Give it a try!

Susanne Koch is an Internet professional who works as an e-learning and web communication adviser at the University of Oslo. She blogs about search engines and search engine optimization at Susanne loves to travel and blogs about her journeys at Susi's Souvenirs. You may also want to have a look at Susanne Koch's homepage.

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