Thursday, June 11, 2009

Coming up in June 2009: Viva Catalunya!!!

For the third year in a row, I leave Norway for Spain in June. What draws me back to Catalunya? Nice people, brilliant food, interesting historic sights, and sun and sea!! Viva Catalunya.......!

First time, in 2006 we stayed a whole week in Barcelona. We explored what this intriguing metropolis has to offer us Scandinavians. We also left to visit the Montserrat monastery and Sitges, a fashionable seaside resort 30 minute south of Barcelona. There we met two friends that enjoyed Sitges one week every year. We loved it and returned in June last year. A great success.

This June we will start with one weekend in Barcelona, and then we will leave for a whole week one the beach. In this way we get the best of two worlds.

Barcelona from A-Z

Vis Barcelona and Catalonia on Enjoy Food & Travel i et større kart

Barcelona is an intriguing city. The beautiful city located by the Mediterranean may be one of the best destinations Spain has to offer. For those interested in culture and history you may explore Barri Gothic, the old part of the city or visit the Picasso museum. You may dine at Els Quatres Gats, or take a pintxo - a Basque tapas at Bilbao Berria.

Barcelona is a haven for foodies! You may visit one of the hundreds and hundreds of restaurants and have at least one new culinary experience every day. We do have our favourites ofcourse, but I will try new and interesting eateries to provide you with the do' s and don'ts when looking for a nice place to eat.

And do visit one of the food markets in the city, and tap into the rich culinary culture of Catalonia. The best is found at La Rambla, the main street leading you from Placa Catalunya down to the harbour.

This map shows some of what Barcelona has to offer. Restaurants, hotels, and historic sights are marked on the map. After this year I will update the map with more sights worth seeing.

(Photo: WelcomeInSpain)

Sitges from A-Z

Vis Barcelona and Catalonia on Enjoy Food & Travel i et større kart

Sitges is a charming seaside resort south of Barcelona. Besides being an important playground for the Barcelona elite, the city has a reputation as a liberal community. It used to host an important artist colony, and is now one main destination for gay and lesbian travelers in Europe. Here you may enjoy a wide range of restaurants, bars, and night clubs.

The city is not regarded as a ghetto though. Many families with children enjoy the fine beaches Sitges has to offer or roam the narrow passages in the old part of the city. We will repeat the success of last year, and stay at Hotel Santa Maria located on Passeig de Ribeira - the city's beach front promenade. The stay yesterday was one of the best experiences in 2008, and I do look forward to another week in this traditional hotel.

(Photo: Werner Lang / Wela49)

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