Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tourist trapped at Nyhavns Færgekro

After three slices of håndmad at Hviids Vinstue, I was still hungry! I went down to Nyhavns Færgekro and was tourist trapped!!

Location: BBBBB

Nyhavns Færgekro is located at Nyhavn, by Kongens Nytorv. These are among the most popular areas of Copenhagen among tourists with many restaurants that serve traditional Danish food accompanied by "en bayer" - a glass of cold beer.

Service: BBB

I was warmly welcomed by the waitress, and given a table. It took ages to order, but it was served quickly. Then I waited patiently to pay, and I waited and waited....

So - the service was painfully slow at Nyhavns Færgekro.

Interior & atmosphere: BBB+

The houses in Nyhavn are very old and beautiful and up to 400 years old. Nyhavns Færgekro is located on the ground floor and basement in one of these houses, at Nyhavn 5.

The interior is a mix of old and new, yellow walls, partly chairs, partly benches with leather seats. I did not like the interior and personally found the it a little uninviting.

Tables with white table cloths, cutlery, wine and akevit glasses. As I was alone. I was seated by a small table for two. Very small and uncomfortable, and unpleasantly close to the neighbouring table, luckily not taken.

Food: BBB-

Sandwich with prawns homemade mayonnaise on rustic bread: BBB-

I decided to try the shrimp sandwich described as:

"Nyhavns Færgekro’s rejemad af store flotte rejer anrettet på speltbrød med friskklippet dild og hjemmerørt mayonnaise."

Translated to: Nyhavns Færgekro's shrimp sandwich made from fine large shrimps on spelt bread with fresh dill weed and home made mayonnaise.

Presentation: Sounds nice, doesn't it? It looked good too, when served, a large mound of shrimps on a rustic slice of bread with yellow mayonnaise, garnished with a twig of fresh dill. My, how disappointed I was, when taking the first bite.

Consistency - strange as the shrimps were not fresh at all, either potted in brine, or shelled then frozen. The bread was tough, not crunchy and very hard to chew.

Balance and taste: Hardly no balance nor taste to talk of. I am highly surprised how a kitchen could offer something so tasteless to serve their guests. The shrimps had no reassuring taste of salt sea, the mayonnaise, if homemade should have had a slight bitterness from lemon and mustard, but had not. This was a disappointing experience, to say the least.

The price, DKK 69 (9,43 EUR), was a high price to pay for this experience.

Beverage: BBBB

The bottle of Carlsberg beer, was the only experience worth the price at Nyhavns Færgekro. (DKK 35 or EUR 3,30).

Rating the Nyhavns Færgekro experience: BBBB- (3,71 points)

Totally tourist trapped in Nyhavn. Read my warning on where not to eat, and you will find that Nyhavns Færgekro had many warning signs, that I did not see. If dining in Nyhavn, check where to eat. Café Zeleste is the one I would recommend:

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