Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stress free chicken stew

I am at work at 6.30 AM, and arrive home at 4.30 PM totally exhausted after a long day. During the working week I find it so easy to be tempted to buy unhealthy ready made food. That is often a bad option, as ready made food may be fast, but do often contain too much salt, trans fats, and additives. Have no fear! You can prepare healthier and tastier food as quickly! Try my stress free chicken stew made from packet of Knorr Soup, frozen vegetables, chicken and cheese. It tastes better too!
If you eat by yourself, eat just one half, and you do not have to prepare dinner the next day.

For 2-3 servings you'll need:
  • 300-400 grams chicken meat, diced
  • 1 packet ready made Knorr Soup (50 cl / 0,9 pints)
  • 600 grams frozen vegetables (I used 300 grams of green beans and 3o0 grams frozen mushrooms)
  • 200 grams grated cheese
Use any kind of soup you'll like. Even though these ready made soups may contain much salt they will be less concentrated when used with vegetables and meat, but do not add extra salt!

I love the Curry soup with chicken and coriander from Knorr, but you might as well use Campbell chicken or mushroom soup, or another brand you like.

Place half the vegetables in an oven proof tray, then a layer of chicken meat. Pour half the chicken soup over and sprinkle half the cheese on top. Then make another layer of vegetables, chicken, soup, and cheese.

Bake in a hot oven (180 C / 360F) for 30-40 minutes, until cheese is golden and liquid is bubbling.

Serve with rice and a salad.

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