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Spring 2009 - more hotels on Enjoy Food & Travel

The 2009 season is already filled up with wonderful traveling experiences. The choice of destinations show that I am a highly ritualized traveler, as I am traveling back to the places I have been before. I certainly hope that you are not too bored. I will try to give interesting stories by staying in new hotels, enjoying new restaurants and new historic sights. Here are a few hotels that will be reviewed here at Enjoy Food & Travel the 2009 season.

Punta Nord-Est Hotel - Castellammare del Golfo

My good friends Astrid and Ketil stayed in this hotel, on the north eastern coast of Sicily, located with a great view to Castellamare del Golfo.

They have promised to review this hotel so I can provide travelers to Sicily with enough information whether this is a place to stay or not. Based on my impression, I think they may recommend it to others, so we'll see. (photo: Hotel website)

See Hotel website her

Hotel Cortese - Palermo

Hotel Cortese was the second hotel my friends stayed in. This old world hotel is located the historical center in Palermo in a typical 18th century villa. This was a completely different hotel experience, compared to Puntra Nord-Est Hotel. Old fashioned, but full of charm, for those of you that are looking for just that.

See Hotel website her

Commodore Class - Pearl of Scandinavia and Crown of Scandinavia

The large ferries that travel between Oslo and Copenhagen are giant floating hotels. I will have two floating hotel experiences in April, in two different classes.

From the Commodore class, on board the Pearl of Scandinavia, comfortable double cabins with a view to an economy class cabin in the interior of the Crown of Scandinavia.

The Commodore class cabin is extremely expensive, and you may ask yourself whether it will be worth the price. We will tell you!

Staying in the second cabin, is equally inexpensive, only 23 Euros. What could possibly go wrong here. Well, you'll find out if you stay tuned here on Enjoy Food & Travel.

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Hotel de Cathedrale - Strasbourg

In May I will travel to Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace. The last time I stayed in a charming 17th century roof top apartment.

This time I will stay in the heart of the city. The Hotel Cathedrale is located in a renaissance building facing the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral.

I am very excited to stay in a hotel dating back 4 centuries. I hope I will wake up to the sounds from heavy bells of the old Gothic church. I will let you know whether this is a hotel for that romantic weekend in Strasbourg.

See Hotel website her

Sitges - Santa Maria Hotel

In June it is the time of the year when we turn our noses towards Spain. Our plans in 2009 are to stay two nights in Barcelona, and then a week at Santa Maria Hotel, for the 2nd year.

We have not booked our hotel in Barcelona yet. I will keep you posted when we have booked. We do look forward to stay at Santa Maria Hotel. It is an old style hotel with a magnificent location at the beach. You can take on your swimming gear, cross the street for the swim before breakfast.

As much as we loved our room last year we decided to change room this year. The view to the palm trees, the beach and the sea was wonderful, but we were both bothered by the noise from the street. This year we have booked a room away from the beach, a so called mountain view room. It will certainly provide more shade and more peace and quiet, so we can enjoy a good night's sleep.

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