Saturday, May 02, 2009

New international non-stop flights to Oslo

Several new international air carriers are introducing new non-stop flights to Oslo this season. The latest are Swiss and Egypt Air.

Non-stop from Oslo to Kairo with Egypt Air

Egypt Air will, in co-operation with Scandinavian Airlines, launch one new weekly non-stop flight Oslo-Kairo from September 29th. The flight will leave on Fridays with a return the same day.

Flight time will be around 5 hours, and it will have one landing in Copenhagen to pick up Danish passengers, before heading south, for Egypt. The flight will have two classes, and lowest price round trip will be around NOK 4000 or around 460 Euros.

From Cairo, Egypt Air offers flights to other destinations in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

There will be a trial period for these flights until Spring 2010. If a success, non-stop flights will set up from Oslo on a permanent basis.

(Photo: Arpingstone)

Swiss in competition with Scandinavian Airlines on flights from Oslo to Zürich

Swiss will launch two daily non-stop flights Oslo to Zürich from the middle of June.

Until now, SAS has been the only air carrier on this destination, and Norwegian Air Shuttle has one non-stop service from Oslo to Geneva. The new service from Swiss will mean lower prices to Switzerland, and to other destinations via Zürich.

(Phot: Magnus Manske)

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