Saturday, May 16, 2009

Economy Class - M/F Crown of Scandinavia

M/F Pearl of Scandinavia
, and its sister ship M/F Crown of Scandinavia that operates from Oslo to Copenhagen are large floating hotels with a conference centre, restaurants, several bars, night clubs, and shops. My sister and I decided to travel economy last week of April. We paid next to nothing for our ticket, and we were pleasantly surprised.

Location: BBBBB

Accessibility: Getting to the ferries is easy, both in Oslo and Copenhagen. Oslo is only a 15 minute walk away. In Copenhagen you can take buse 20E, a free shuttle bus bringing you from the terminal to Kongens Nytorv in less than 10 minutes.

The crossing from Oslo to Copenhagen offers travelers great value. You may enjoy a magnificent view while traveling out the Oslo fjord and next morning when entering the strait of Øresund with the Swedish coast on your left and the island of Sjælland on your right. And when the weather is great, what could be better than this.

Service: BBBB

The service was overall good. The staff at the reception and the crew on board was very helpful and kind.

Room: BBB

The cabin was in the interior of the ship. It had a neutral and pleasant design - off white walls, chairs with red upholstery.

It was very small, in fact only two beds, one sofa that could folded out to a bed, the other over the sofa folded up . One tiny desk, two small chairs. It had a rather a Japanese feel to it, but it was cozy. Two tidy people could enjoy a comfortable crossing on board.

The beds were very good. There were little space for other normal activities.

It was well maintained, no spots or cracks. The bed linen was clean, and the beds were good to sleep in. It felt well cleaned.

The bathroom was equally tiny, toilet, sink and shower crammed into a small space, but was well maintained - no cracks or spots, and well cleaned

Breakfast: n/a

Breakfast was, at this low fare, not included in our price.

Facilities: BBBB

- Inhouse restaurants: Four restaurants serving food on different price levels and one cafeteria.
- Inhouse bars: One pub, one winebar, one disco and one night club
- Inhouse leisure and exercise facilities: None
- Well being: Good individually controllable air conditioning in every cabin. Free wireless zone by reception and in cafeteria. Tax-free shops.
- Maintenance and hygiene: Overall good
- Other services: Free shuttle bus in Copenhagen

Price: BBBBB

NOK 198,- (23 EUR), is an unbeatable price, and standard offered is completely acceptable.

Rating the economy class experience: BBBB+ (4,29points)

Traveling budget in Japanese style. Tiny, but well organized room, at a low price. Good bargain for money.

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