Monday, May 11, 2009

A Danish shopping bag - poultry

I went to Irma food hall, in the basement of Illum in Copenhagen to buy groceries to bring home. Here is a part of my shopping bag. It has one main theme - poultry.

Duck thighs

The thighs are, in my opinion, underrated parts of poultry. Whereas the breast meat is the most tender part of the bird, the thighs are less tender, but have the most succulent meat.

Duck thighs are cheap, compared with the duck breast. If prepared correctly it may be as tender and delicious, with minimum effort, but as they need to roast on very low heat, you will need much more time.

I decided to buy four duck thighs at a bargain price of DKK 25 or €3,35 for two. One reason for the low price was the use by date, May 2nd. Two out of four thighs are now stored in my freezer, to be used later.

These thighs, with skin and bone are produced in France by the Gastronome group

Long roast duck-thighs in orange and thai chilli - a great recipe on Enjoy Food & Travel

Duck breasts

I really needed to buy some duck breasts as well. Fresh berberi duck manufactured by the Gastronome group, at a bargain price of DKK 60 or €8 for two! As they also had May 2nd as use-by date, even they ended up in my freezer.

Tender, and succulent, they must be fried in their own fat, until pink in the middle. My good friend and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Øivind Grimsmo, taught me to prepare this meat properly. He used a dry non-stick pan, and slow heat in order to achieve his delicious result.

The French prepare duck with orange, a former colleague used Cointreau as one seasoning when preparing breasts. Another classic way is to use black cherries.

See how to prepare a perfect duck breast here

Mousse de Canard

Mousse de Canard, or Duck Liver Mousse may be as good as the more expensive Goose liver. This container can be used until June 1st, and may be frozen down if you do not manage to eat it up all.

Use it the same way as Duck liver - serve cold on toast with a dessert wine as a Sauternes or a late harvest wine. If you do not have any sweet wine, you can serve the mousse with a red onion marmelade.

225 grams, priced at DKK 45 or €6 - a real bargain!! Producer - Brocéliande in France.

Foie gras de Canard - as served at L'éveil des Sens in Strasbourg

Foie Gras by Georges Thiol

I am used to goose liver in small expensive tins. Imagine how surprised I was, when I found 650 grams (over 1,4 lb's) priced at only 145 DKK (19,45 EUR). Another good thing was that it has been produced in a manner not cruel to animals.

Producers of foie gras has rightly been accused for cruelty to animals, as the ducks and geese have been force fed large amounts of corn in order to get that fat liver. This bloc is not produced that way. I hope it tastes as good as the cruelly produced goose liver.

The reason why I ask this question, is that this is extremely cheap. My sister and I, were in fact very suspicious- The other question is what to do with 650 grams with June 1st as use-by date. Trying to digest such an amount in a short time is not particularly tempting.

Firstly, my sister and I decided to split the package, and I will divide it into 1/2 - 1 inch slices and freeze them in separately. I will do that when visiting our summer home coming weekend. The secures some culinary high quality moments for us both this season.

A great wine to serve to Goose liver: Donnefugata Ben Ryé Passito di Pantelleria 2006

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