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Pizzeria 93 in Charlottenberg, Sweden

No site in the whole world have reviews of two or even one pizzerias in Charlottenberg in Sweden, except Enjoy Food & Travel. If this small town had not been located just a few miles away from the Swedish-Norwegian border, nothing would have happened here. Thanks to Norwegians traveling in thousands to buy cheap food and alcohol in the EU. Charlottenberg has a huge shopping centre (compared to its size), a haven for Norwegian shoppers, especially today, i.e. Thursday before Good Friday - a public holiday in Norway, but not in Sweden. Today Norwegians are queuing up to cross the border to buy cheap alcohol and groceries. Enjoy Food & Travel co-writers Dagfinn and Malin passed the border in March. Here is their account of what they did, and their visit to Pizzeria 93.

By guest writers Dagfinn Koch and Malin Kjelsrud

We (i.e. Dagfinn and Malin) went to Sweden on a "Harrytur" (i.e. trip Norwegians make to buy cheap groceries and alcohol just across the border) the other day. First we went to Systembolaget, the local Swedish state run wine outlets where you HAVE to go to buy alcohol stronger than 3,8%.

It is painful for Norwegians to see those - for us - insanely low prices on wine without being allowed to bring home through the customs as much as we want to. However, the borders aren't that strictly guarded.......

We found a really cool beer with a moose on the label. When opening one of the bottles, we sensed the weirdest smell, like bad breath found in one that has been drinking alcohol for days, without having brushed his teeth, plus a dash of urine(!)

In spite of this rather unpleasant smell, it tasted surprisingly good.

After the successful quest for meat in the enormous grocery store, hunger struck. We usually eat junk food when we do our groceries in Sweden, and this day was no exception.

We were not in the mood for a regular burger or pizza, so we dropped in at Pizzeria 93, a place that also serves kebab. (Kebab tastes quite different and much better in Sweden than here in Norway, by the way).

Dagfinn had the "Kebab tallrik" (kebab plate with French fries and salad) and Malin had the "Kebabrulle", a kind of pizza wrapped around salad and kebab meat and sauce.

The portions at Pizzeria 93 were HUGE, which is easily shown by Malin's expression when the food was served. We managed to eat half of of our portions, and we got a doggy bag to bring the rest back home.

As for the environment in this place, we would not go as far as calling it "pleasant". The staff was quite uninterested, slow and not exactly service minded, but the food tasted pretty good. There was hardly any other guests, and no noisy TV or music (extra star for that) and everything included soda cost 120 SEK for both of us, which is really, really cheap.

(Photo Kekabtallrik: Lurifax)

Charlottenberg - a haven for pizza lovers?

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Malin Kjelsrud is born 1972 and is a painter and writer. She is mother of two, loves South Park. She is engaged to be married to composer Dagfinn Koch. They are living at Holmen in Oslo.

For more information see her website

Dagfinn Koch, born 1964, is a well known freelance composer. He writes popmusic as well as contemporary music. He loves to travel, and hanging out with friends, cooking, and reading.

For more information see his website

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