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Long roast peppery pork for Easter

April 7th 2008: I am in the process of preparing food for Easter. As I am alone, I find the easiest way to buy a larger portion of meat and prepare it all at the same time. As I roamed through Centra, my favourite Oslo supermarket, I ended up with two meats. Rack of salted and smoked pork from Smedstuen gård and two very decent-sized chicken thighs from Holte gård.

Smedstuen gård - a high quality producer since 1972

Smedstuen gård was founded in 1972 by Henry Haug, the heir to the old Smedstuen farm located at Dal, outside Oslo. He had been trained as a butcher. The firm he founded has grown from a small scale producer to a large producer that deliver exclusive meat products all over the Eastern part of Norway.

Smedstuen gård delivers a wide range of different meats, from lamb, beef and pork, as well as game as moose and reindeer. They also produce sausages, and cured ham and salamis.

Products are rather expensive, but you know that you end up with high quality. I bought 500 grams of smoked salted pork. I planned to long roast them, and wanted to have a hot spicy twist to my meat.

See Smedstuen gård's official website (sadly only in Norwegian)

Salted smoked pork with fresh green pepper and sweet Thai chili sauce

This meat has a wonderful pink colour and a decent amount of fat will keep the lean meat succulent during cooking.

It is enriched by pungent smokey aromas, needs a only om minimum of seasoning. I decided to enhance the smokey flavours with a hot Asian twist to it.

I LOVE fresh green pepper, bought in my Chinese supermarket and frozen down in a jar, you will at anytime have pungent pepper available for a wide variety of dishes.

I placed the pork on a baking tray, and poured over sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce. To get even more heat I sprinkled a generous amount of ground fresh pepper corn on top, and placed them in a very low oven to long roast for 4 hours at 100C / 215F.

I can really confirm that they offer high quality products from Smedstuen gård. When you long roast pork, you experience that the meat is swimming in water. Nothing like this happened with the pork from Smedstuen gård. A small quantity of liquid in the bottom of the baking tray - very salty and aromatic. I decided to deglace the pan, and went into my living room to find what alcohol that would work and ended up with Noilly Prat.

I poured the vermouth into the pan, and allowed it to mix with the rest of the juices. The semi-dryness mixed beautifully with the sweet chili, the peppery peppers, and the salty smokieness from the pork. Brilliant!!

I allowed the pork to cool down, and will reheat the meat, by slightly warming it in some tin foil and serve with a hollandaise, asparagus, and boiled potatoes.

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