Saturday, April 04, 2009

A living memory from Gran Canaria

You can prolong your vacation by shopping souvenirs and food to bring back with you. Nothing is as fascinating than bringing a living memory back home. The best way is to buy seed packets on your destination, or harvest seeds yourself. I did both at Gran Canaria. I sowed the seeds when I returned home, and now the first living organism has sprouted.

There are a few things to remember, however. If you live outside the European Union (as we in Norway do), there are restrictions on bringing live plants home. This to prevent the spread of plant pests to new areas. Bringing seeds is therefore a good idea, but growing them may take a very long time, so be patient.

There are similar restrictions on food. Within the EU there are few restrictions, unless there are outbreaks of plant or animal pests. If traveling to countries like the US or Australia, you must check before you decide to buy something to grow or eat.

This small tree (above) is an acasia subspecies and is found outside the Yumbo centre in central Playa Del Ingles. This is a very robust species and will sprout relatively easy, as I found out.

Look at this little plant (right). It is an offspring of the tree by Yumbo centre, that I planted in a large pot in my kitchen window, shared with an agave americana.

It took only two weeks to sprout. I have had this species before, and I know that it grows very quickly and is very hardy.

So now I have one living memory from the Canary Island. I wonder what else will sprout? I will keep you posted.

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