Friday, April 17, 2009

A Good Friday Dinner

At Good Friday at 7PM we assembled at my friend Dagfinn Skoglund's flat in downtown Oslo for a commemorative Easter dinner. We were served drinks and dinner. As usual he did not disappoint us! Her is my short account of the evening.

What to eat at such a day. Lamb, naturally, and more. Here is the evening's menu.

African lamb stew

The main course was African lamb stew with carrots, tomatoes and peanut sauce. Homemade mashed potatoes with fresh rosemary, Parmesan cheese and creme fraîche.

My friend Dagfinn is a cook after my taste. We are both highly experimental, and Dagfinn had set his own mark on this dish. This was a recipe modified from one he had found in a magazine.

Four large chunks of lamb had been cooked in the rich sauce until mouthwatering tender. The carrots provided sweetness and the tomatoes a slight bitterness to the sauce and a delicious nutty finish was provided by the peanuts.

Home made mashed potatoes is a great choice to such a dish. Dagfinn had added fresh rosemary that he had found his local Turkish green grocer, and creme fraiche.

Salad of bitter herbs and red vinaigrette

It is a good idea to enjoy a salad after a large meal, and Dagfinn had mixed a range of salad leaves with a strong or a bitter taste as endive, rucola and corn salad.

It was served with a homemade red wine vinaigrette. Dagfinn claimed that the bitterness, aside from the taste, also provided relief for our digestive system after the rich meal.

”Pudim de Maracuja” (Passion fruit Mousse)

Shared by Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund

Delicious stuff, creamy pudding with crunchy passion fruit seeds. Dagfinn has kindly given me the recipe to share.

For 6 portions you'll need

6 leaves of gelatin
3 eggs
10 cl / 4 oz castor sugar,
4 passion fruits
30 cl / 11 fluid oz double cream

Soak the gelatin in cold water.

Slice passion fruits in two and scoop out juices and seeds. Stir lightly to dissolve the pulp.

Whip 3 eggs and the castor sugar into an airy mix. Whip the double cream in a larger bowl into a thick cream. Use different whisks.

Dissolve gelatin in a few tbsp hot water. Make sure that all gelatin is dissolved. Mix the gelatin with the passion fruit and fold it into the egg and sugar mix. Then mix it with the whipped cream. Place in a large bowl or in small dessert bowls. Allow to cool in the fridge over night.

Dagfinn Sigridsson Skoglund is 49 years old (forever) and is living in a studio apartment in downtown Oslo. He is working as a designer and art teacher, and is an excellent cook.

Dagfinn is a passionate lover of music, botany and is an experienced traveler - and he hates popcorn!

(The cross depicted on the top is carved into a wall of the medieval church at Ringsaker, located by Lake Mjøsa in the Eastern part of Norway. Read the story on this ancient historic sight here

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