Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Corn on the cob

You often need that one perfect ingredient acting as one whole meal in itself. If I could choose one such ingredient, sweetcorn would be high on that list. You do not mess around too much with it, it isn't necessary. Let you teeth sink into those soft yellow golden nuggets, and you hear angels sing in the culinary heaven.

Every time, when I am in the US, I am served fresh, ripe sweetcorn. If not bought at the market, you drive out and buy it directly from the producer. When you get home, you have to struggle with the hard husks to reveal what is underneath - you have to rip and tear to find the hidden treasures, those round, ripe, juicy, rich golden nuggets.

Aren't they beautiful? The corn we bought had different colours, yellow and creamy coloured nuggets, the latter nearly looked like precious pearls stringed on a necklace.

And how to prepare sweetcorn, you act through the principle - less is more. Steam them, or place on the "barbie", until soft. Use the best butter you can find (skip the low fat, only the real thing will do), and allow the butter to melt. Add freshly ground pepper, and tuck in - and do not forget paper napkins.

Eating sweetcorn is like eating spaghetti - nothing for those preoccupied with manners or etiquette, this is food that brings out the cave man or the naughty child within - you just HAVE to prepare for fat sticky fingers and lips.

Ouch! I am getting hungry for sweetcorn. Sadly I have to wait for another six months to re-experience this American staple.

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