Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Cactus Eck, Playa Del Ingles

(Reviewed February 9th 2009) Our lunch at Cactus Eck was our first and only lunch on the beach. The only good thing with this place was the location, the price and the beer. The rest of the meal was nothing to mention. So for those of you looking for a decent place to eat on the beach at Playa Del Ingles, pass Cactus Eck!!

Location: BBBB

Playa Del Ingles has a very short beach promenade. Most of the beach is a beach of the desert that make out most of the coast line of this resort.

Cactus Eck is located on the eastern part of Playa Del Ingles, the only part with direct contact with the beach. Great location for a restaurant and easily accessible by foot from the central parts of the resort.

Service: BBBB

Generally good service from a nice staff. You did not have to wait for the food to be served. For my part, I would gladly wait another 10 minutes for better food.

Interior and atmosphere: BBB

It is so sad to see that those allowed to open a restaurant in such a location do not see the potential to create a nice place to eat.

We were seated in pink plastic chairs, by one bare table, only, and there were little space to those sitting by the next one.

We should have moved on......

Food: BBB-

The biggest problem with the food at Cactus Eck was that the food tasted too much, or nothing at all. My traveling companion Terje ordered a pasta dish with a cream sauce that did not taste anything at all, at least not when it had left the kitchen. Pepper and salt did give some taste to the dish. I experoenced the same thing with my pizza..... The good thing was that you did not pay much to eat here. Much of the food was priced at less than €10.

Starter: Prawns in garlic: BBBB-

Presentation: This was actually not bad. Nicely presented in a brown ceramic bowl, sizzling hot from the kitchen.

Texture: The prawns were perfectly cooked, still crunch and not over cooked and touch.

Balance: A little boring - no contrasting seasoning except the garlic, that had been added in abundance.

Taste: The taste of the prawns were a little tame, but I usually find prawns served in latin cuisine a little low in taste compared to those caught by the North European coasts.

Pizza with chorizo, ham and anchovis: BB

Presentation: Look at this pizza! Doesn't it look good? It looks good, but the taste was very unequally placed on the piece of dough.

Balance and taste: When you have ingredients as chorizo, ham, anchovis tomatoes, and cheese you expect them to taste something and that they are used on one dish provide a culinary impression to you.

Spanish chorizo is usually packed with different flavours as garlic, salt, pimentos, and olive oil, but these colourful slices were tasteless. This was the case for the other ingredients, except the anchovis. They were exceptionally salty, and overpowered your tastebuds. The only nice thing with this dish was the price. I am happy to say that it was priced at less than 10 Euro, so you did not ruin yourself on bad food.

Beverage: BBBB

A delicious cold pint of tropical - finally something to appreciate at Cactus Eck. Fresh, refreshing in the scorching sun. A good choice, but maybe a glass of white wine to the seafood and a glass of red to the pizza would have been more appropriate. But what is better under the hot North African sun than this kind of brew?

Rating the Cactus Eck experience: BBB- (3,72 points)

Great location, good beer, medium service. Very uneven quality on food. I will never return here to eat!!

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