Sunday, March 08, 2009

What to consider when booking a Diving safari

Are you tempted by Lena Holmströms Red Sea adventure? If so, remember when going on a diving vacation, your own safety is crucial. Here are a few pieces of advice on what (not) to do before you book such an adventure. Do remember that these vacations are not offered only in the Red Sea but in a wind range of destinations. Maybe you can find one closer to where you live?

If you consider booking a Red Sea diving safari it is important to check whether the company that organize the trip is reliable. One important thing to remember is to make sure that the divers have free access to a pressure chamber in case of emergency. In addition to this, you as a traveler must have an insurance that also cover incidences that may occur during diving and if treatment in a pressure chamber is needed.

A health certificate is compulsory in some countries if you are going on a diving trip. This will be vehemently checked by the diving centres.

In order to be sure that the company you plan to book your trip is reliable, you are advised to ask your local diving association or a diving gear dealer whether they have a company that they would recommend, or whether there are companies you should stay away from.

Diving safaris - some recommended links

Here are some links to a few sites that offer Diving safaris.
Have a nice (and safe) trip!!!

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