Monday, March 23, 2009

Pascal - a Franco-Norwegian foodstory

When Pascal Dupuy opened his first pâtisserie in Oslo in 1995, he brought the fine art of creating French cakes and chocolates to Norway. Since then he has expanded and now you can indulge in his delicacies in 5 different locations in the Norwegian capital.

If you come to Oslo I highly recommend a visit to his first pâtisserie at Tollbugata 11 in downtown Oslo.

Here there have been served cakes since 1895, and Pascal Dupuy is the 9th pâtissier that has been located here. There were baker's shops here even earlier, in the house from 1650 that burnt down in the 1860's.

The interior is rustic and full of patina, with a spectacular glass roof. You may also admire a beautiful fresco painted by Åsmund Stray.

I am not very good at preparing neither desserts nor cakes, and I am therefore a regular customer at Pascal when I am entertaining. Last weekend I bought a delicious creamy chocolate cake with lemon as a dessert and four French macarons. Wicked stuff!!

Tollbugata 11, N-0152 Oslo, Norway
Phone: +47 22-42-11-19
Official website

(Photo of macarones: Cantabilis)

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