Sunday, March 01, 2009

One thousand visitors a day - Thankyou, Rahway NJ!!

I check my statistics daily. I am eager to find out how many of you that have visited Enjoy Food & Travel, and which country you live in. This is the advantage of an English blog, you are a part of the Global Village. I have had from 75-150 visitors a day, but February 6th all that changed. That day 736 visited Enjoy Food & Travel, and the following day the counter hit 1159 visits and nearly all were from Rahway, a city in New Jersey, and it did not end there.

My knowledge of IT is still so basic that I still regard this global community as an extraordinary thing. The fact that there is a server in a small city in New Jersey has sent 3900 visitors to Enjoy Food & Travel makes me curious. If any of you from Rahway would give me the source to this traffic, I would be most grateful.

And then Austin TX took over

The heavy traffic fizzled out February 9th and then February 12th heavy traffic from another, and much larger city took over. From February 12th to February 25th a server in tAstin TX has sent 3480 visitors to me. The same mystery is unsolved - why? I am still curious.

So if there is anyone in Rahway or Austin that has visited me recently, do leave a remark on my website.

Enjoy Food & Travel - read all over the world'

Until last fall, I subscribed to feedburner and was given exact location to each server. Thren I reported to you with the location on a map and with statistics. Since I changed to Google analytics, this has not been as easy. I am pleased to say that my statistics tell that more people further away are reading my stories.

In February more than 10 000 visitors (thanks to Rahway and Austin) will have visited Enjoy Food & Travel. February 21st one reader at Nuuk on Greenland browsed through my pages, and earlier I had a visitor from Afghanistan. In fact I have had visits from 97 countries and territories the last 30 days. I think that is so great.

Send me a story?

Who are you, what do you prepare for dinner, what is you favourite restaurant, and what is there to see where you live? I would love to know your story. The easiest way is to send a mail to, and do enclose some pictures.

I am looking forward hearing from you!!!

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