Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Few culinary highlights at Playa del Ingles

Playa del Ingles is a great place for those of you that want to enjoy sun, sand, and sea. For those of you looking for a great culinary experience, there are few culinary highlights to talk of.

Eating and drinking good food and wine is an essential part of any vacation. If traveling to Barcelona, Paris, or London you may choose from a large number of different restaurants, and you usually experience a few culinary moments that make you tick.

I expected to have a few good culinary memories from Playa del Ingles, but I ended up rather disappointed. Two memorable meals were all we got. The other restaurant served the same unadventurous food. You should expect more, on an island with fresh fish caught in abundance and vegetables are grown under the generous North African sun.

There are good restaurants everywhere, and we should have done some research, before we left. I will write my reviews here on Enjoy Food & Travel. Most of the places we ate, are hardly worth mentioning, but a few are. Here is a list of restaurants that will be reviewed here on the site.
  • Martell House Grill – traditional menu. Sole Valewska was decent, but the service was terrible
  • Red Cow – Irish / English restaurant. We should have chosen the British food, as their lasagna was nothing to talk of
  • Great World – Chinese restaurant with a four course dinner where the rice was classified as one dish (!), the rest was boring
  • Den Danske Kro – one of our highlights. Do try the Danish Open Sandwiches. They are extraordinarily good. Decent wiener schnitzel, but the béarnaise sauce was without taste
  • Sakura – Japanese restaurant. One favourite during our trip. Elegant interior, good noodle soup and duck Japanese style
  • Windsor Garden – boring pizza, boring restaurant
  • Restaurant Ola – Swiss restaurant with great service but food lacked proper seasoning
  • Cactus Eck – beachside restaurant. Great starter, pizza without taste
We also visited Puerto de Mogán and Las Palmas during our stay. At Puerto de Mogán we had a great lunch at La Lonja, and we ate traditional tapas at La Pena, located by the Canteras Beach in Las Palmas. Those meals were in a completely different league than those offered to us at Playa Del Ingles. So here is one piece of advice. Sit down for an hour at the internet before you leave to find those hidden culinary pearls.

I wish we had.

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Victoria said...

I agree with you. I think there are about 5000 poor or mediocre restaurants in Gran Canaria and 5 or 6 good ones.

I know it's hard to get fresh vegetables there, it being an arid volcanic island, but it's easy to get bored with the same thawed out soggy mush every day!

I loved Sakura in Playa del Ingles and also Rhodos Palace in Puerto Rico.

It's a shame though that the best restaurants I can think of are Japanese and Greek!! Canarians, like the Spanish, tend to be really unadventurous in the kitchen and don't tend to borrow cuisines from other cultures or experiment much with seasonings, which is a shame.