Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coming up on Enjoy Food & Travel - Gothenburg

I am always looking for new traveling experiences. It does not always have to be expensive. I and some friends decided to visit the largest city nearest to Oslo, Göteborg. Located on Sweden's east coast, it is just 3,5 hours away from Oslo. We found that a visit here in March does not have to be expensive. In fact only NOK 1400 per person (175 Euros) for two days, included two nights in a double room in a four star hotel and a round trip ticket. That is a price hard to compete with!!!! So coming up on Enjoy Food & Travel in March - Göteborg, Sweden.

How to get there

It is very easy to get from Oslo to Göteborg, by several kinds of public transportation. The most expensive way is to take a plane from Oslo airport. It will cost you around NOK 2000, and including transportation to and from airports, check in time, it is by no means the smartest way to get there.

If you use your own car, the city is around 3 hours drive from Oslo on good roads, but why bother? Avoid the steering wheel, and book a trip on the train or even better the bus. It will cost you from NOK 550 to around NOK 1000 per person, round trip.

We decided to take the new comfortable buservice run by Bus4You. Buses with fewer seats and more leg space and free WIFI-connection. In this way I may write a story or two on my way to the destination. The price tag? Only 544 NOK for a round trip ticket, seat reservation included. Who could beat that!!!!

SAS Radisson Hotel Scandinavia - luxury on a budget

Travel to and accomodation in Sweden is cheaper for Norwegians, as the Swedish krone is worth less than 80% of its Norwegian counterpart. I chose to find a hotel via my favourite hotel reservation site, the German I found double rooms priced from SEK 550 and up.

A hot deal was the SAS Radisson Hotel Scandinavia, located in the city centre, a stone's throw away from gthe Central Station and Nordstan, the main shopping district in the city. A four star hotel with swimming pool, fitness studio, spacious rooms (35 square metres / 350 square ft) and even the breakfast was included. This sounds too good to be true, but it is, so I booked a room for two nights. I do look forward to a luxury break.

What to do?

There are so much to do in Sweden's second largest city. One place we will go is Saluhallen, the city's food market. Here you get a smell of the continent, as meat, vegetables, fish and spices are offered from the small stalls.

Another place I will revisit is the Universeum, a giant building under glass where you may wander from the landscape found in Scandinavian mountains to a large rain forest under glass, where even tropical insects fly around free.

Fine dining

I have made some research, and found that there are restaurants offering good food at all prices. The city has a number of Michelin star restaurants, and Fond as been given a favourable review by the New York Times. It will cost you around 500-7o0 NOK (65 - 90 Euros) for a five course dinner. Not frightening for a gourmet exdperience.

From my previous visit I particularly remember a great patisserie offering delicious cakes and open sandwiches at a ridiculous price. I will have to find, as it was well worth visiting. Göteborg is also known for its seafood, and the fish soup at Sjöbaren at Haga has been recommended at the net. I will have to try that.

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