Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Air Berlin to open flights from Oslo to Berlin

I love Berlin, and I am very happy to see that more airlines are to fly from Oslo to the German capital. From April 24th Air Berlin will start flying from Oslo.

Air Berlin was voted the best low cost air carrier 2009 by readers of the travel magazine Wanderlust. Air Berlin has grown to be the second largest airline after Lufthansa, and has extended it flights beyond Europe, to America and Asia. Air Berlin is one of few budget airlines that offers free food on their flights.

From April 24th the airline will open its first service from Oslo. It will fly Monday to Friday. It will leave 10.35 AM from Berlin Tegel and arrive 12.10 PM, and return 12.55 PM to arrive at Berlin Tegel 2.30 PM.

Let us hope that Air Berlin will succeed where Germanwings had to give up two years ago. They experienced very little interest for their flights from Oslo to Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne from Norwegian travellers. As Norwegian air shuttle has daily flights from Oslo including Fridays and Saturdays. The fact that Air Berlin will not fly during weekends may effect the interest from those (including me) that travel during weekend.

Sterling back to Oslo

The Danish airline went bankrupt October 2008 in the aftermath of the Icelandic financial meltdown. The remains of the airline, including the brand name, was bought by the Cimber Air.

Sterling had flights from Oslo to several European destinations. Much of this network was taken over by Norwegian Air Shuttle after the bankrupcy.

From March 3rd Cimber Sterling will re enter the Norwegian flight market, as the company will start two daily flights from Oslo to Billund Airport. The company may, according to its Information director Signe Thorup, start flights from Oslo to Copenhagen.

I will keep you posted..... (photo: 54North)

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