Monday, February 16, 2009

Traveling with fluid medication

Life is full of learning experiences, and what to do when you know something new (to you). Answer: Share it. Due to an infection and a coming travel, I had to learn how to bring necessary fluid through the strict security. Have no fair, you who need coughing mixture, may bring a bottle with more than 1oo ml in your hand luggage under certain conditions.

February 1st: Woke up with a fever, a terrible cough, headache, and a bitterly sore throat. My first thought - God I've got the flu, and I am leaving in 6 days.

A made an appointment to go to meet my physician on Wednesday 4th, and was diagnosed with a light lung inflammation, caused possibly by a bacteria. The remedy - a long cure of antibiotics, and Cosylan, a mixture containing among other things low levels of morphin.

I suddenly had 2 problems. The first is that Morphine is classified as a hard drug, and bringing medication containing such a substance may complicate matters. I asked my physician what to do. She wrote me a declaration that it was a prescription drug, and that I was definitely no drug user.

The second problem appeared at my chemist - the size of the bottle. 300 ml, is far over the amount you may carry through security and bring in you hand luggage. The worst thing is that the content is dark and sticky, and tastes terrible (it is supposed to, I have been told, it works better then). The consequence of the bottle breaking in my suitcase would be horrific.

What to do? I called Oslo Airport, and my fear was laid to rest. I was told that I was allowed to bring excess amounts through security if I could get a written confirmation that it was a prescription drug, and the declaration from my doctor would definitely do.

So there are hope for the ill. I would however say that this is Oslo Airport, and I would take an extra check if you are posed with the same problem that I had. The security regulations should, be standardized, at least for travel within the EU, so I do not think you will meet any problem.

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