Friday, February 27, 2009

Nodee - sushi in hyperspace

I and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Susanne Koch met for an after work snack last Friday. We were both craving for sushi, and after a short deliberation we decided to visit Nodee. We had both heard of this new Japanese restaurant, but had never visited. Nodee was truly sensational, and will be revisited for a full story here at Enjoy Food & Travel.

Nodee is located at the Majorstuen, an area at Oslo's west end, a restaurant best described as mainly Japanese but with a strong world fusion element.

We decided to buy two sashimi and two maki dishes to share. I have to say that we found Nodee to be one of the most sensational restaurants we have visited in Oslo for years. We enjoyed a sensational meal for around €50 a person, a price not hard to beat in one of the worlds most expensive capitals.

Sadly I did not bring my camera or notebook, so I cannot give a full review of the exquisite restaurant. But have no fear - I will return soon in order to provide a full review of this great eatery.

This is what we ordered:
  • Mixed sashimi new style - lobster, trout, hamachi, and scallops served with the house sauce
  • Sashimi white & red on ice - white fish and salmon with ponzu sauce, spring onion and lime
  • Ice bear roll - king crab, flying fish roe, cucumber, foie gras, avocado and wasabi mayonnaise (!!!)
  • Tempura maki - scampi, avocado and cucumber with mango sauce
It was a sensational world of beautiful presentation, tastes and textures brought to you by a very professional staff. Nodee is in a completely different league than any other of the Japanese restaurants I have visited in Oslo. I highly recommend it to any of you that love sushi.

For those of you that wants to book a table tonight - here is the address:

Middelthunsgate 25A, 0368 Oslo
Phone +47 22 93 34 50
Visit the restaurant website here

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