Monday, March 02, 2009

Muren anno 1561

Bergen is, in my opinion, the only Medieval city in Norway. As most of the buildings have been built in wood, few of them go more than 300 years, but the Medieval streets are still there, with a large number of older stone buildings. One of these is Muren, that was built by a Danish noble man 450 years ago.

You find this memorial plaque one one of its wall. It gives a short story of the building.

"MUREN erected 1581 by the "lensherre" Erik Rosenkrantz as the main building in his private manor. The vaulted gate formed the connection between the inner and outer part of the old Strandgaten. There have, from the 1600s, been small shops in the vaulted cellars, that today are the oldest shops in the city."

Erik Rosenkrantz was born 1519 at Tørning in Denmark. He was one of the descendants of the powerful noble family at Losna in Sogn. He was the kings representative in Bergen from 1560 to 1568. He resided at Bergenhus fortress, and he built, during his time the impressive Rosenkrantztårnet, a large keep.

Muren was however his private house, and you may today do your shopping in the same rooms as the citizens of the old city have done for over 300 years. Intriguing, isn't it?

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