Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Le Gruber, Strasbourg

Le Gruber

This house was from
old time called "Zum kühlem Brunnen"
(By the cold well)
and was built 1651.
It housed over 200
years the chapter
of Strasbourg cathedral.
For over 150 years was in
this house a restaurant
named Bureschenk.
Many well known personal-
ities were in centuries
guests in this guesthouse.

This 350 year old house is found close to the cathedral. It is one of those charming ginger-bread houses found around in Strasbourg city centre.

I have a special memory from the present restaurant. Le Gruber, the restaurant found here today, was a favourite when I visited, and I had a small flirt going on with one of the garcons working there.

Then as now they serve Alsatian food. I particularly recall a dish served that really tasted great, pheasant in white wine sauce. This is certainly a place to return to and remember, and may, who knows, continue where I left 30 years ago.

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