Thursday, February 26, 2009

Las Gacelas Apartments - Playa Del Ingles

We thought we had struck a good deal when we ordered our trip over the internet. 3800 NOK or €475 for a round trip flight ticket, one week in a two room appartment, transportation to and from the airport, and food on flight included. We were however warned that the stay at Las Gacelas Apartments could be a disappointing experience, as a few guests had left some damaging reviews on the internet for all to see. I do not know whether it was a disaster, considering the price we paid, but Apartment Las Gacelas were certainly no first class experience.

Location: BBBB

Las Gacelas Apartments is located in the centre of Playa del Ingles within walking distance of amenities as the Yumbo and Prisma shopping centres and approximately a 10 minute walk from the beach. There are buses going to the beach as well as to Las Palmas and Puerto de Mogán nearby, making it perfect as a starting point to discover the islands. It is not particularly scenic, but it definitely helps to have a large palm tree and a view to the sea from your balcony. Here you have little film to give you an impression.

Service: BBB

When arriving at the Las Gacelas Apartments we were not given the best reception. The man behind the desk acted more like a caretaker / janitor than a receptionist, but we were given our keys, and that was basically our contact with the staff.

Room: BBB-

We had ordered a two room apartment, i.e. living room with kitchenette and balcony, bathroom and bedroom.

The flat was located on the 4th floor. It was very Spartan in any sense of the word. It felt small and crammed. There were one uncomfortable sofa, a table, and a bench with a pay TV (!). There were also a small dining table with two chairs. There were a cooker with two heaters, a large refrigerator and a generous amount of kitchen storage, with cups, plates and cutlery for three, and with pots and pans to cover the most basic needs.

It had a spacious tiled bathroom and a small bedroom. The bedroom was located on the back side of the complex, saving us from traffic noise during nights. Here you had a large, but unpractical closet. The beds were terrible, comparable to those found in a cell block in any penitentiary. The thin blankets made us cold during the cool Canary nights. I really missed my duvet.

There were also a safe where you could deposit you valuables for 10 Euros.

The living room were very badly maintained. There were numerous marks on the furniture. The walls had not been painted for years, and the yellow colours varied in brightness, as I suspect that they had not been cleaned for years. There were room for the refrigerator to be integrated in the kitchen, but due to size, this had not been done. Curtains had been partly torn, and there were several marks or nails from where different decorative elements once hanged.

Bathroom was well maintained, with no major flaws. Hygienic standard at the Las Gacelas Apartments was, with the exception of the dirty walls, satisfactory.

Breakfast: unrated

Las Gacelas Apartments is a self catering apartment complex. Breakfast or any other meal are expected to be prepared in your flat or enjoyed in one of the restaurants nearby.

Facilities: BB

The Las Gacelas Apartments had very little to boast of, of facilities. The one (and only) plus was the large swimming pool in front of the complex. It was continually cleaned and maintained, and it was a great joy to have a swim there. There was a rather uninviting area by the reception, where you could sit down, but I was never tempted to. You could buy cold beverages here, and I (suspect) it was a PC available for guests for money. We, however, had our own PCs.

We were told that we could subscribe to a wireless service, and we found Waivenet Canarias offered such a service for 20 Euros per week. We found that the wireless access was slow or nonexistent in our flat and we had to go tp the Yumbo centre nearby to get proper access. Even here the access was slow at times, and I do not recommend this service.

The price: BBBB

We had paid for the hotel as part of a package. 3800 NOK (460 Euro) for plane ride, transportation to and from the hotel, and 7 nights is cheap, and as most of the price is for the air travel, the Las Gacelas Apartments must have been cheap.

Total Score: BBB+ (3,4 points)

The Las Gacelas Apartments is a cheap accommodation at Playa Del Ingles in more than one sense of the word. The relatively decent score is due to the price tag (the score without the price would be BBB - 2,9 points). I will however NEVER visit Las Gacelas Apartments again, due to the flaws mentioned here, and I would hesitate to recommend it any other than to those who are looking for a inexpensive place to stay and do not care about comfort.

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