Saturday, February 07, 2009

Enjoy Food & Travel heading south

When you read this, on February 7th, I am already in the air, heading from a very cold Norway to the pleasant climate of the Canary Islands outside Western Africa.

For those of you outside Europe, the Canary Islands are for Europeans what Florida is for Americans. Whereas Southern Europe may experience cold temperatures during the winter months, these islands have average temperatures around 20 degrees Celsius (68F) all year around.

My last trip was back in 1995, so it is really time to return. In fact I plan to do this yearly from now on, to escape the dark cold winter of Scandinavia. In fact so many Norwegians do like us - my sister and her husband returned from a week in Las Palmas last Friday, the capital and largest city of The Canary Islands. She had booked a hotel with a terrace facing the famous Canteras beach.

She experienced changing weather as Las Palmas is located on the north western part of Gran Canaria. Here you have far more precipitation than on the south of the island.

In fact the difference in temperature between Las Palmas and Playa del Ingles may vary as much as 5 degrees, and whereas the north is green and fertile the south is desert like, due to low precipitation and higher temperatures.

Playa del Ingles is located on the southern tip. The development of this resort was started in the 60's and it has grown into a large vital community with shops, restaurants, nightclubs, and a beach at the end of a mini desert made from sand from the Sahara.

There are large high rise hotel in hectic city areas, as well as bungalows along secluded roads. Playa del Ingles has so much to offer.

As I want to enjoy a walk on the wild side, we have booked a hotel close to the Yumbo centre. It is a regular shopping centre by day, but during evenings it turns into the meeting point for the gay crowd visiting Playa Del Ingles, as this resort is also a gay village.

So February 7th I am on my way. Due to my illness and my vacation, stories may appear more irregularly than usual. This as I work hard to finish stories in advance, that may appear automatically every day. As you have noticed, this unbroken chain has already been broken, as no stories were published February 4th and February 5th. As I have a serious back lag, fewer stories will be published during my vacation, but I promise to pay back through new, interesting stories from Gran Canaria.

So hasta la vista!!!

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