Saturday, February 21, 2009

Comfort on road to compete with domestic airtravel

Norway is going greener. Earlier air travel provided the easiest and most time efficient service between most domestic destinations. This is not necessarily the case anymore as increased security on airports and heavier domestic traffic have resulted in increased time consumption from destination to destination. In a country with a huge domestic flight market, competitors on rail and road are trying to tempt domestic travelers away from shorter or medium long air travels with more comfort on board new express buses and trains.

The Norwegian company Netbuss have recently launched a new bus service with more leg space, working space and free internet access between Oslo and Kristiansand.

February 2nd 2009 they will, through their subsidiary Bus4you, expand with another service from Oslo to Göteborg in Sweden.
There are already several services by road, rail and air on the same distance, but Bus4you believes that more comfort will tempt more travelers to hit the road.

How is this bus service more comfortable than the others? First the number of seats are nearly halved, as there are 35 seats here, compared with 56 seats on ordinary buses. That means in short - more leg space for each traveler. There are wireless connection as well as a plug for your computer included in the price, making it easy for you to work as you travel.

The service will have three departures every day, 2 on Saturdays, and will bring you to Sweden's second largest city in 3 hours and 35 minutes. As this is a non-stop service you beat the train by 30 minutes (if you are on schedule). Even though the flight from Oslo to Gothenburg will take less than 1 hour, the transportation to the airport, check-in, security and waiting may take enough extra time to make some business travelers consider the bus.

What may tip the balance is the price. A round-trip ticket to Gothenburg in February by air may cost you as much as 2600 NOK (€271), and you must add the cost of transportation to and from Oslo airport (160 NOK / €17 each way). The bus service will cost you from NOK 199 to 474 (€21-45) each way.

And where to book?

You are adviced to book on the net. There are bargains even here, and they are easily found on the websites of the company, and here they are!!

You may book comfort seats from Oslo to Kristiansand S here

You may book comfort seats from Oslo to Gothenburg on the bus4you website from February here

(Photo of Nettbus coach by Halvard Hatlen)

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