Saturday, October 03, 2009

Luscious Lobster Club at Rustic Kitchen

Enjoying a lobster in the far north is a luxurious treat. Even though prices of Maine lobsters have risen the last years, they still are affordable in the US compared to what you have to pay in Scandinavia. So many restaurants in Northern New England have at least one lobster dish on the menu. I tucked into a luscious lobster club with crispy bacon at the Rustic Kitchen in New England. Me like - me like, very much!!

Accessibility: BBB-

The Rustic Kitchen is located at the Derby Street Shoppes in the town of Hingham on Boston South Shore, by Highway 3 (Pilgrims Hwy), around 28 km or 17 miles south of Boston. This is one out of three restaurants, one being in Boston. The latter does, however, not have the lobster club on the menu.

This is definitely out of bounce for those in need of public transportation. You will need a car to get there.

Derby Street is a mall more pleasing to the eye, than most others. Low, yellow painted buildings instead of the large square hangars found in other shopping mall.

Service: BBBB+

Good overall service. We did not have to waiter unnecessarily to order, nor did it take long to be served.

Interior: BBBB

The Rustic Kitchen itself has an interesting, eclectic interior in warm, brown and terracotta colours. Some of the wall and construction were covered in stone, and there were many interior features as all sorts of decorative items on the walls, interestingly shaped lamps, and much more. You can see interior images from Rustic Kitchen here.

We did not see much of it, as we enjoyed our meal outside in the warm sunshine. We were comfortable seated by ourselves, as there were no one else but us lunching.

Food: BBBBB-

I chose the fresh picked lobster club on sour dough with tarragon aïoli, Applewood smoked bacon, tomato and bibb lettuce priced at $ 15,50. A steep price for a sandwich, some would say, but this was no ordinary sandwich.

Deliciously presented - a huge sandwich served with delicious rustic potato chips and lettuce. Both the potato chips and bacon were fried crisp to perfection, and worked perfectly to the soft lobster meat present in abundance.

All the ingredients worked perfectly together. The salt, slightly sweet bacon, the chips balanced the sweet delicious lobster and the tarragon aïoli provided a subtle, slightly perfumed undertone.

If I returned to the Rustic Kitchen I would definitely choose the lobster club again, and I recommend it to those of you that visit.

Drink: Not rated

Rating the Rustic Kitchen experience: BBBB (4,03 points)

Located outside Boston, you HAVE to have a car to visit the Rustic Kitchen at Derby Street Mall. It is therefore out of bounce for those of you visiting the city. Quaint interior. Delicious Lobster Club is a delicious treat, and this dish sets a high standard, and if the other food on the menu is as good as the club, then this is a highly recommendable place to eat.


Rustic Kitchen
94 Derby Street
Derby Street Shoppes
Hingham, MA 02043-4202
For Reservations please call 781-749-2700

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