Monday, January 26, 2009

First Nespresso outlet opened in Oslo

I am the member of the Nespresso Community. I am the proud owner of a designer espresso machine that makes designer coffee from small multi coloured metal capsules. I have until now I have had to order my designer coffee over the internet, as Nespresso has had no outlet in Oslo. Until now - as they have opened their first shop in downtown Oslo.

Hello Shop - Goodbye internet!!

Some Norwegian entrepreneurs have defied the odds and are building a brand new shopping centre housing the retailers of the worlds most exclusive designer brands.

Eger Karl Johan is marketing itself as Norways new trendy shopping centre where you will find leading brand names within different product categories as - Nespresso!

Two weeks ago I booked my latest batch of coffee, capsules of caramel flavored, Guatemalan, Italian and decaffinato intenso espresso (the latter if you happen to urge for some coffee in the evening). I am pleased to say that having to wait when getting low on your favorite coffee is now history. With a Nespresso outlet nearby you can just go and buy the needed quantity directly.

Serving Nespresso in style

Your nearest Nespresso boutique offers a range of other products than the machine and the coffee. A definite must for the espresso lover is proper espresso cups.

Until Christmas I served my coffee in very strangely hand crafted cups. Even though very posh, the only snag was that they were a little too big, so you did not get that good, concentrated espresso taste.

When my sister and I visited Copenhagen in October, she beat me to a charming set of espresso cups in a second hand shop. At an unbeatable price of DKK 10 (€1,20), my sister (who has black belt in shopping), saw the potential. Well little did I know that the 8 cups and saucers were her gift to me for Christmas. I love her!!

So now I can sip my designer espresso in cups worthy Marie Antoinette, small cream, red and gold leaf cups - and the nespresso tastes perfect - finally!!!

Nespresso boutique

Karl Johans gate 23B
0159 OSLO

Opening hours
Weekdays: 10 AM to 7 PM
Saturdays: 10 AM to 6 PM

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