Friday, January 23, 2009

Beijing Palace - Oslo

(Reviewed January 12th 2009) Beijing Palace is a small restaurant in downtown Oslo. I have been served decent dim sum here, so I decided to dine here, on my way back from work. I expected, as earlier, to get a good meal for a low price. The price was low alright, but forget the food - it was boring.

Location: BBBB

Easy to reach by public transportation, but located in hardly a charming area in Pilestredet, a busy business street in downtown Oslo, 5-10 minutes away from Stortinget T-station.

Service: BBB+

What service? There were nobody there as I arrived, but one, then a second waiter appeared. They were not grumpy, in any way, but this was communication on a minimum level. Exchange of information only - one mineral water, then the main dish. You order - we bring!

Design & Atmosphere: BBB

Beijing Palace has a classic, boring and rather outdated Chinese interior. Beige walls, dark wooden tables, decorated with ornamental objects in wood. Wall to wall carpeting in red, beige and brown colours.

Th interior is in need of some maintenance, as there were stains on upholstery, and marks on the walls. One of the waiters worked hard to remove stains from the synthetic table cloths.

There are a small number of tables in Beijing Palace, but there are generous space around them.

On the table was a small saucer and bowl in cheap quality, a pair of plastic chopstick and napkin. Beige tablecloth in syntethic material.

Food: BBB

I was served roast duck with vegetables in an oyster soy sauce. Here are my remarks to the food:

Very plain presentation. Heap of rice with vegetables and duck on top. No fresh colours.

Texture: The duck was seriously overcooked, grey and soft, and no crispy fat. Some of it was tough. A waste of good meat. Vegetables were overcooked and soft, but bamboo shots were nice and crunchy. The rice too sticky and partly dried out.

Balance: Very little taste, low in salt and no other contrasting tastes. I had to add some sweet chili sauce in order to improve the seasoning, but it did not work very well.

Taste: Very little extra taste from other ingredients.

Price: The only nice thing was the price. 10 Euros, is cheap for a dinner, but you should not expect to pay more for such a meal, rather less.

Beverage: Not rated

Rating the Beijing Palace Experience: BBB+ (3,37 points)

I have enjoyed decent dim sum and Beijing Palace, but my latest visit was a disappointing experience. If this is the overall level, I cannot recommend a visit here. A better alternative is Kowloon at Øvre Slottsgate 15B, by Stortinget T-station.

Beijing Palace
Pilestedet 27, N-0164 Oslo
Phone: +47 22 11 08 00

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