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Restaurants from A-Z 2009

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To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the rated restaurants on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2009 on this page. Enjoy!!

Highly Recommendable BBBBB: (5,00 - 4,51 points)
  1. Reviewed June 22nd 2008: La Nansa, Sitges (4,78 points)
    My favourite in Sitges. A five-star experience at a very decent price. Book a table and enjoy a terrific meal. Enjoy Food & Travel highly recommend La Nansa and will certainly return for another meal the coming summer.

  2. Reviewed September 3rd 2009: Winstub Au Clou, Strasbourg (4,77 points)
    Winstub Au Clou is no tourist trap. Top rating due to location, great interior and atmosphere, excellent service and first course. Main course disappointing, but I feel an encore possible, as it may have a few culinary treasures in store for future visits.

  3. Reviewed June 22nd 2008: Zodiaco, Sitges (4,72 points)
    We left completely satisfied. Absolutely one of the best experiences in Sitges. Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel.

  4. Reviewed April 24th 2009: Fond Restaurang, Göteborg (4,70 points)
    Fond is a restaurant that deserves its Michelin star for a creative and interesting menu, excellent service, and elegant interior. We had a great meal at at very decent price, but found that the cooks did not manage to keep the same high quality and finesse through the whole menu.

  5. (3) RESTAURANT CLOSED JANUARY 2011: Reviewed January 18th, January 23rd 2009 and April 26th: M3 Mat & Bar, Oslo (4,69 points)
    Great traditional food and wine at a restaurant with great character. Highly recommended in downtown Oslo. A must for those of you that want to enjoy traditional Scandinavian cuisine.

  6. Reviewed May 3rd 2009: John Harvard's Brew House, Cambridge MA (4,63 points)
    A charming basement brew house and restaurant with a decent kitchen. Try a few varieties of their home brewed beer, it is absolutely worth it.

  7. Reviewed August 15th 2009: Tabibito, Oslo (4,62 points)
    High scores on location, interior and service, and NOK 398 for this meal is very favourable. Personally I found the six course to be a culinary roller coaster. It went from exquisite to mediocre. I would still recommend tabibito for an evening dinner. I would, however, compose my own dinner instead of choosing their menu.

  8. Reviewed March 7th 2009: Madam Reiersen, Arendal (4,56 points)
    Dejligt, as the Danes would say passionately. A Danish frokost is a meal with delicacies in abundance. If the stretch of sea called Skagerak did not separate Norway and Danmark, I would say that Madam Reiersen is a part of Denmark during weekends. Do not hesitate - try it, when visiting Arendal!!

  9. Reviewed March 25th 2009: Café Prag, Schwerin (4,53 points)
    Café Prag is a traditional yet informal café / restaurant in downtown Schwerin. Decent food at very nice prices. I recommend the toast of the house and the gravlax.

    Good BBBB: (4,50 - 3,51 points)

  10. Reviewed October 29th 2009: Ida Davidsen, Copenhagen (4,50 points)
    Still a recommendable place to enjoy the traditional Danish specialty. A little low on taste this time, but the open sandwiches served are still a feast for your eyes, and you get topping in abundance.

  11. Reviewed August 13th 2009: Riva, Scituate MA (4,44 points)
    Very high standard on food (4,86 points), but the moderate score is primarily due to low accessibility, as you will need a car to visit Scituate. The food at Riva is probably one of the best experiences of the last year. I will look forward to another visit.

  12. Reviewed January 10th 2009: Restaurant Valuta, Hamar (4,40 points)
    A good, borderline recommendable restaurant with a classy, but a little cold designer interior. Some room for improvement of service. Great food makes a visit to Restaurant Valuta worthwhile.

  13. Reviewed October 21st 2009: Restaurante La Lonja, Puerto Mogán (4,39 points)
    One of the best meal during our week on the Canary Island. Great location, but the terrace was overcrowded. Great, tasty seafood meal accompanied by delicious cold white wine.

  14. Reviewed June 28th 2009: Ristorante Pizzeria Claudius, Sitges (4,33 points)
    A climb down from the review in 2008. Even the gnocchi ordered by my traveling companions were of completely different character. Pizza was dry and not very good. Location, atmosphere, service and price saves it from even a lower dip in rating.

  15. Reviewed June 9th 2009: Mill Wharf, Scituate MA (4,29 points)
    A great place, sadly nearly out of bounce for those depending on public transportation. Good quality food served at a good price. If staying in Scituate a meal here is recommended.

  16. (20) Reviewed December 30th 2009: Eastman's Docks, Seabrook, N.H. (4,26 points)
    Great food off the beaten tracks in New Hampshire. If you happen to drive along the 1A from Newburyport MA to Portsmouth NH during the summer season, a stop at River street is recommended.
    See previous review here

  17. Reviewed November 23rd 2009: Holbergstuen, Bergen (4,24 points)
    A great place for a bite of traditional food in a rustic interior. in downtown Bergen. Extraordinarily delicious Christmas plate highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. Sadly the rating could have been so much better, as the service was appallingly bad.

  18. Reviewed June 7th 2009: Samurai Sushi, Oslo (4,22 points)
    Samurai Sushi is definitely a place to consider if you want to eat sushi. Restaurant a little overcrowded, but Asian guests tend to prefer the place, - a sign of quality.

  19. Reviewed November 7th 2009: El Rincon del Artista, Barcelona (4,176 points)
    Lunch served on the pavement, with city traffic roaring only yards away. Decent service, but definitely the place for excellent Spanish tapas, offered at ridiculously low prices.

  20. Reviewed July 17th 2009: Den Danske Kro, Playa Del Ingles (4,12 points)
    Low on interior and location, but definitely the (and only) place for Danish grub in the neighbourhood. One of the best options at the Playa, good service - and open sandwiches.

  21. Reviewed December 23rd 2009: Ma Cuisine, Göteborg (4,11 points)
    An overall good French bistrowith a charming traditional interior in downtown Göteborg. Overcrowded when we visited it, affecting the service. Too many tables made it very uncomfortable.

  22. Reviewed October 3rd 2009: Rustic Kitchen, Hingham MA (4,05 points)
    Located outside Boston, you HAVE to have a car to visit the Rustic Kitchen at Derby Street Mall. It is therefore out of bounce for those of you visiting the city. Quaint interior. Delicious Lobster Club is a delicious treat, and this dish sets a high standard, and if the other food on the menu is as good as the club, then this is a highly recommendable place to eat.

  23. Reviewed December 20th 2008: Darbar Mat & Vinhus, Oslo (3,87 points)
    Good Indian & Afghan neighbourhood restaurant on Oslos East End. A little pricey, but you can eat worse Indian food else where. Darbar rarely fail to deliver good food. The interior needs a makeover.

  24. Reviewed May 18th 2009: Hviids Vinstue, Copenhagen (3,83 points)
    Great interior left after 300 years of history. Definitely a place to drink, but if you want to eat, go next door. At Skindbuksen you can indulge in the true Danish open sandwich experience. Hviids vinstue is a place to drink, nothing more.

  25. CLOSED OCTOBER 2010 - Reviewed December 17th 2008: Bangkok Thai, Oslo (3,77 points)
    Recommendable in Oslos east end. Good food at decent prices, slow service

  26. Reviewed February 9th 2009: Cactus Eck, Playa Del Ingles (3,72 points)
    Great location, good beer, medium service. Very uneven quality on food. I will never return here to eat!!

  27. Reviewed May 24th 2009: Nyhavns Færgekro, Copenhagen (3,71 points)
    Totally tourist trapped in Nyhavn. Read my warning on where not to eat, and you will find that Nyhavns Færgekro had many warning signs, that I did not see. If dining in Nyhavn, check where to eat. Café Zeleste is the one I would recommend.

  28. Reviewed September 17th 2009: Grill Martell House, Playa Del Ingles (3,59 points)
    Hardly a place that would please the noblesse, or ordinary food lovers, for that matter. The only decent thing was the food, and it would have been even better if it had been warm.

    Room for improvements BBB: (3,50 - 2,51 points)

  29. Reviewed January 12th 2009: Beijing Palace, Oslo (3,37 points)
    I have enjoyed decent dim sum and Beijing Palace, but my latest visit was a disappointing experience. If this is the overall level, I cannot recommend a visit here.

  30. Reviewed December 9th 2009: Venus, Barcelona (3,31 points)
    Venus Delicatessen provided the worst culinary restaurant experience in 2009. The 3 B's is due to location and price. The food was terrible, the interior looked worn and decayed. This is certainly a place to be avoided if looking for a late night snack.

    Bad BB: (2,50 - 1,51 points)

    Waste of time and money B: (1,50 - 1,00 points)
Other restaurant stories on Enjoy Food & Travel
  1. Auberge Nicholas Flamel, Paris (May 29th 2009)
    One of the places that I dream to dine, is in Paris. In Rue de Montmorency in the Marais district you may eat in a house that once belonged to one of the greatest alchemists in the world - Nicolas Flamel.
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  2. Au Bon Pain, Cambridge MA (September 7th 2009)
    This is a café with so much personal sentiment connected to it, as it has been there during my 21 years visits to the Harvard area.
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  3. Bagatelle, Oslo (December 16th 2009)
    If you plan to book a table at Bagatelle, Oslo's only two star Michelin restaurant, you may be too late. It will close down December 21st due to a conflict between its owner, investor Christen Sveaas and Eyvind Hellstrøm, its founder and head chef.
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  4. Bar El Jabali, Barcelona (June 24th 2009)
    First day - after lunch hunger!! We had a stroll to find a place to eat, and ended up at El Jabali after we had walked around the block.
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  5. Bartley's Burger Cottage, Cambridge MA (September 7th 2009)
    Last September I spotted the impressive sign outside Bartley's Burger Cottage.
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  6. La Crema Canela, Barcelona (December 30th 2009)
    My good friend, colleague Lena Holmström visited Barcelona this fall. When she returned she handed over a business card as she announced that she had found THE place to eat in the Catalan capital.
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  7. Hvide Lam, Copenhagen (January 30th 2009)
    I love old taverns, and in Copenhagen they are out of numbers. At Kultorvet, or the coal market you find one that has be open for business over 200 years. 1807 was a turbulent year.
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  8. Le Roi et son Fou, Strasbourg (October 24th 2009)
    I sat down at Le Roi et son Fou (The King and his Jester), a small bistro, looked over the menu and found just what I wanted - a sandwich with jambon or ham.
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  9. Moritz, Barcelona (June 24th 2009)
    Mediterranean culinary traditions and culture differs greatly from our Scandinavian. You are sometimes served the most unexpected foods, and we were slightly surprised at another small tapas bar in Ronda Sant Pau.
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  10. Nodee, Oslo (February 27th 2009)
    I and Enjoy Food & Travel co-writer Susanne Koch met for an after work snack last Friday. We were both craving for sushi, and after a short deliberation we decided to visit Nodee.
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  11. Restaurant La Table du Gayot, Strasbourg (October 24th 2009)
    Alsace is widely known for its pies or quiche. The neigbouring province, Lorraine, has even one named after it. At place Gayot we found Restaurant La Table du Gayot, a small tavern and bar, and we decided to order to try one type of this Alsatian specialty.
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  12. Salisbury House of Pizza, Salisbury MA (December 1st 2009)
    Every year I visit my cousin in Salisbury, we order takeout pizza from Salisbury House of Pizza. There, they really know how to prepare this American-Italian specialty.
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  13. Tant Bruns Kaffehus, Sigtuna (November 15th 2009)
    Sigtuna is a quiet, quaint town an hour away from Stockholm. This hamlet is, however, another world compared to the busy suburban life. This is felt clearly when you enter the backyard of Tant Bruns Kaffehus, located in the oldest building in the town center.
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  14. Yenching, Cambridge MA (September 7th 2009)
    A nice place if you are in the mood for Chinese food. An informal Chinese restaurant in the heart of Harvard serving the most delicious food.
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  15. Z-Square, Cambridge MA (September 7th 2009)
    If you are looking for Z-Square at 14 JFK Street, you will search in vain. This place is out of business.
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