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Hotels stories on Enjoy Food & Travel 2009

To make it easier for you, I have compiled all the hotels on Enjoy Food & Travel for the year 2009 on this page. Enjoy!

Highly Recommendable BBBBB: (5,00 - 4,51 points)
  1. SAS Radisson Hotel Scandinavia, Göteborg (SE): BBBBB- (4,69 points)
    Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. A professional run business class hotel to a economy class price. A bargain in Göteborg.

    Good BBBB: (4,50 - 3,51 points)

  2. Santa Maria Hotel, Sitges (ES): BBBB+ (4,38 points)
    Santa Maria is still a great bargain in Sitges. The lower score compared to the last one, is due to stricter and improved evaluation in the Bargain rating system. This to emphasize that our stay this year was as good as last year. The Enjoy Food & Travel team will certainly return here again.

  3. Stora Brännbo, Sigtuna (SE) (4,36 points)
    Stora Brännbo is a professionally run hotel in a scenic setting. Both the tranquility of small town Sweden, as well as the Stockholm metropolitan area is within reach. Good overall standard, excellent service, and a buffet breakfast to die for.

  4. Hotel Acta Millenni Hotel, Barcelona (ES): BBBB+ (4,35 points)
    The best stay I've had in Barcelona until now. Would particularly thank the very nice reception staff. Would have been a great plus to have breakfast included in the price, and an air conditioning in working order.

  5. Hotel Cathédrale, Strasbourg (FR): BBBB+ (4,34 points)
    Hôtel Cathédrale is good choice when staying in Strasbourg. It has character, charm, and an unbeatable location. A little low on indoor facilities, some needs of maintenance and certainly not suited for elderly or disabled.

  6. Economy Class, M/F Crown of Scandinavia: (DK) BBBB (4,29 points)
    Traveling budget in Japanese style. Tiny, but well organized room, at a low price. Good bargain for money.

  7. Radisson SAS Hotel Oslo Airport, Oslo (NO): BBBB+ - 4,28 points
    An excellent choice for those that want to catch an early plane. Very professionally run hotel comfortably located by the Oslo Airport terminal.

  8. Park Inn Arendal (NO): BBBB (4,19 points) Another good Park Inn hotel, providing good value for money on the south eastern coast of Norway. Recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel.

  9. Conrad Brussels Hotel, Brussels (BE): BBBB (3,83 points)
    A grand hotel experience in Brussels. Large, and very impressive lobby area. Location in major shopping area, but located 20 minutes away from the historic heart of Europe. Very expensive rooms, and you will have to pay extra for breakfast, internet access and to get admission to exercise centre. At this price, you could so much more in other, and more personal hotels in the European capital.

  10. Commodore Class, M/F Pearl of Scandinavia (DK): BBBB (3,79 points)
    Traveling in a Commodore class cabin is a very expensive experience, and by no means a bargain. This sum could have been better spent on two flight tickets to a European destination.

  11. Thon Hotel Bergen Brygge, Bergen (NO): BBBB- (3,57 points)
    A budget hotel at the lower end of the scale, budget as in feeling a little cheap, as well as inexpensive. Great location. Good breakfast you have to pay extra for. Low in inhouse facilities.

    Room for improvements BBB: (3,50 - 2,51 points)

  12. Apartementos Las Gacelas, Playa Del Ingles (ES): BBB+ (3,4 points)
    The Las Gacelas Apartments is a cheap accommodation at Playa Del Ingles in more than one sense of the word. I would hesitate to recommend it any other than to those who are looking for a inexpensive place to stay and do not care about comfort.
More hotel stories on Enjoy Food & Travel
  1. Bed & Breakfast Frogner, Oslo (August 30th 2009)
    Bed & Breakfast Frogner is one of the Oslo hotels offering free internet access for paying guests. This traditional Bed & Breakfast is located in the affluent Frogner area, close to the Vigeland Sculpture Park. It is offering accommodation at a reasonable price in the Norwegian capital.
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  2. Hotel Excelsior, Göteborg (December 19th 2009)
    The first time I stayed at Hotel Excelsior. It is an old classic hotel located in the Vasastan area. The impressive neo-renaissance and baroque style buildings in this area was built for the wealthy middle class in the second half of the 19th century when the city expanded outside the city walls.
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  3. Hotel Gothia Towers, Göteborg (December 19th 2009)
    When I revisited Göteborg in 2006, my friend Terje and I had booked a room at the ultra modern Hotel Gothia Towers. Staying here was the total opposite experience to Hotel Excelsior.
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  4. Hotel Luna Convento, Amalfi (November 11th 2009)
    Henrik Ibsen, the famous Norwegian playwright, loved the Amalfi coast. He wrote his famous play "Ghost" while staying at the Imperial Tramontano hotel in Sorrento. Another famous play was created on a hotel further down the coast.
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  5. Hotel Pera Palace, Istanbul (December 26th 2009)
    Room 411 at the legendary Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul is a shrine for a crime lover. That was the location where Agatha Christie wrote her crime novel "Murder on the Orient Express" in 1934.
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  6. Hotel Principe Eugenio, Rome (October 18th 2009)
    I got a mail from two friends, John Wroughton and Øystein Rian, with impressions from an out of season journey to Rome and the Amalfi Coast. If you consider staying at Hotel Principe Eugenio, here is a first hand account of the hotel, in their own words.
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  7. La Zorza, Riomaggiore (December 12th 2009)
    In August I helped my friends Laila and Gerd to book a trip to the scenic Cinque Terre area. I found a small hotel in the historic town of Riomaggiore. That was a great choice.
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  8. Lenox Hotel, Boston MA (September 18th 2009)
    On the picture above you see the sign of the prestigious Lenox Hotel, with the John Hancock Tower -Boston's tallest building, in the background. It was built in 1900 by the hotelier and impresario Lucius Boomer. When it opened, the Lenox was the tallest building in Boston. It is located in the busy Back Bay Area of Boston.
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