Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Emergency - crispy cracklings on my pork rib! Call 820 30 200!

Many Norwegians prepare their pork rib for their Christmas Evening celebrations. The ultimate challenge is how to get crisp cracklings, and many of us have called our mothers in despair to succeed in this task. For those with no access to this expertise, there is no reason to panic. You may call the emergency crispy crackling number.

Norwegians have their main Christmas celebrations the evening of December 24th. To calm the nerves of those struggling with the ultimate Christmas meal, we Norwegians may call an emergency number to get proper advice. When dialling 820 30 200 your phone will be answered by one of 14 crispy crackling experts from 9 AM to 5 PM on Christmas Eve. They will also answer questions from the public on preparing “Pinnekjøtt”.

And what is the experts’ advice on how to succeed with your pork rib?

First advice: Make deep incisions across the rib, deep into the fat. Season the rib with salt and pepper well in advance. This will draw water out of the meat, making it easier to get those crisp pork cracklings.

Second advice: Allow the rib to steam, skin side down in some water in a baking tray, before placing it on a broiler. Place a small ball of tin foil on the middle for excess water to escape.

Enjoy Food & Travel wish good luck to those of you struggling with this piece de resistance. For those living elsewhere - good luck with the preparation of your turkey or duck!!

Merry Christmas!!

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dining around the World on Enjoy Food & Travel 2008

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Enjoy Food & Travel has visited and reviewed 66 restaurants in 9 countries on 3 continents 2008. Here you can see where we have roamed this year. I will share new and intersting restaurants coming years, so stay tuned for more culinary experiences in 2009

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Monday, December 22, 2008

Restaurants - Best bargains in 2008

Enjoy Food & Travel has given a full review of 17 restaurants in 2008. For those of you wondering what the best bargain was, here comes the five best restaurants reviewed this year. The best experience in 2008 was a renowned restaurant in Johannesburg

1. Best bargain in 2008: Gramadoelas, Johannesburg (4,91 points)

Gramadoelas was the last place we ate during our stay in South Africa and definitely the classiest! The food was awesome, the interior was breathtaking. Gramadoelas has been host to royals, as well as presidents and cultural celebrities, but in spite of this, the price for an exclusive dinner here will not break your back.

An eclectic, exotic, elegant, exclusive experience in Johannesburg.

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2. Café Zeleste, Copenhagen (4,88 points)

Close to perfection and better than the last review (4,69 points). I do recommend the lunch at Cafe Zeleste, if you are travelling to the Danish capital. But if you are hungry, you can easily enjoy a three course dinner here, and still not feel stuffed. For lunch - may I recommend the Huks Fluks and the lobster soup, if on the menu.

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3. Restaurant Ida Davidsen, Copenhagen (4,83 points)

Ida Davidsen is a living legend, a queen rivaling the deeply loved Danish regent Margrethe. Whereas queen Margrethe rules this small, densely populated Scandinavian country by law, queen Ida is the undisputed queen of the Scandinavian open sandwich. She has, from her dark basement restaurant in Store Kongensgade in Copenhagen conquered the hearts of lovers of Scandinavian open sandwiches. You have not heard of her!!! Well, pal, you are greatly out of touch - at least if you love open sandwiches.

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4. L'éveil des Sens, Strasbourg (4,81 points)

I am usually critical and occasionally grumpy when visiting a restaurant. I am hard to please, as I have had my fair share of good meals in my culinary career. But then, suddenly you accidentally find a place out of the ordinary. This means the awakening to new flavours as I did at L’eveil des sens in Strasbourg. This was a place that offered that extra refinement lifting our experience from the good to the extraordinary. This was delicious, delicate, delirious, delightful dining!!!

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5. Pizzeria Ristorante Claudius, Sitges (4,78 points)

One our best meals was a simple, still elegant late night dinner at Claudius, a small modest pizzeria / ristorante by the Mediterranean. This meal was inspired by an important principle in good Italian cooking - less is more. From a few, but excellent ingredients the cook created wonderful food!! At Claudius all was perfect - nearly, as only Allah is perfect!

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And the following restaurant had this score:

6. 4,66 points:
Café André Citroën, Copenhagen
7. 4,6 points: Le Gourmand de Saint Jean, Lyon
8. 4,59 points: Mama Ludba’s, Copenhagen
9. 4,48 points: Gaststätte Zum Stadtkrug Altstadtbrauhaus, Schwerin
9. 4,48
points: Le Laurencin, Lyon
9. 4,48
points: Santinos, Oslo
12. 4,38 points: Brasserie Flo, Strasbourg
13. 4,33 points: Santa Maria Restaurant, Sitges
14. 4,1 points: Le Petit Glouton, Lyon
15. 3,66 points: Le Mandarin, Lyon
16. 3,22 points: Golden Bamboo, Copenhagen
17. 2,70 points: Le Rendez Vous des Gastronomes, Lyon

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hotels - best bargains in 2008

Enjoy Food & Travel has visited and reviewed a great number of hotels in 2008. For those of you wondering what the best bargain was, here comes the five best hotels reviewed last year. This is however not only a question of facilities, and luxury, but more on character and service. The place number 1 was shared by two great hotels on very different locations, but both with an old world charm.

1. Best Bargain 2008 - Grand Hotel des Terreaux, Lyon (4,87 points)

Described as:

"This venerable former mansion in Terreaux neighbourhood has preserved a rich heritage featuring , among other things, stones from on old local church in the swimming pool and on 18th century staircase.

The glam-factor was a little lower than expected, but I was very satisfied with what Grand Hotel des Terreaux had to offer me as a guest, and Enjoy Food & Travel do recommend it to those of you travelling to Lyon.

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1. Best Bargain 2008 - Santa Maria Hotel, Sitges (4,87 points)

Its superb location right by the beach was the thing that tempted us to book a room at Santa Maria Hotel and we do not regret the choice. Its old world charm, good service, large rooms and our own balcony facing the blue Mediterranean sea has already made us decide to return in 2009.

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3. Commodore deluxe Cabin, Crown of Scandinavia (4,85 points)

The Commodore the luxe class on board the Crown of Scandinavia does not come cheap. Still this is the most comfortable trip past the Kattegat ever. It is not only the room, but all the extra service included that makes this a great way to travel. A room with a view as all cabins are equipped with their own balcony where you may enjoy the crossing in all privacy. A great way to travel to Copenhagen, and a recommended getaway for a romantic couple.

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4. Oscarsborg Hotel & Spa, Drøbak (4,73 points)

A hotel on a location that played an important historic role during the first days of World War II. Oscarsborg fortress, on an island in the Oslo fjord had large canons, and managed to give the approaching German fleet a serious blow, sinking the German cruiser Blücher, April 9th 1940. A great stay in a newly renovated hotel and historic monument on a superb location.

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5. Irving House, Cambridge MA (4,55 points)

A classic Bed & Breakfast in a quiet charming area of Cambridge MA. Greater Boston area easily available by subway and bus-services. Harvard square with restaurants, bars and shops nearby.

Highly recommended by Enjoy Food & Travel. We will certainly go back.

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Other rated hotels on Enjoy Food & Travel:

6. InterCity Hotel, Schwerin (4,4 points)
7. Radisson SAS Royal Hotel, Bergen (4,35 points)
8. Highland Hotel, Geilo (4,11 points)
9. Bergen Travel Hotel, Bergen (4,04 points)
10. Quality Hotel & Resort, Son (3,87 points)
11. P-Hotel, Trondheim (3,64 points)
12. Hotel Sct Thomas, Copenhagen (3,59 points)