Friday, December 05, 2008

Sterling resurrected

Earlier this fall I declared the death of Scandinavian airline Sterling. If you soon should spot an aeroplane with the characteristic Sterling logo, you may be assured that you are not looking at a phantom flight. This as Sterling has been brought back to life - by one of its competitors.

As the airline went bankrupt parts of it, including the brand, was bought up by the Danish airline Cimber Air. Cimber plans to launch flights under the Sterling logo with 6-8 Boeing 737's.

New Sterling will start their first domestic flights January 12th 2009 between Ålborg and Copenhagen. Cimber air plan to extend Sterling flights to other nordic destinations progressively.

Cimber Air is based at Sønderborg, and operates domestic flights and flights from Denmark to the Nordic countries, Poland, Switzerland, Germany and the UK.

(Source Aftenposten)

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