Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Emergency - crispy cracklings on my pork rib! Call 820 30 200!

Many Norwegians prepare their pork rib for their Christmas Evening celebrations. The ultimate challenge is how to get crisp cracklings, and many of us have called our mothers in despair to succeed in this task. For those with no access to this expertise, there is no reason to panic. You may call the emergency crispy crackling number.

Norwegians have their main Christmas celebrations the evening of December 24th. To calm the nerves of those struggling with the ultimate Christmas meal, we Norwegians may call an emergency number to get proper advice. When dialling 820 30 200 your phone will be answered by one of 14 crispy crackling experts from 9 AM to 5 PM on Christmas Eve. They will also answer questions from the public on preparing “Pinnekjøtt”.

And what is the experts’ advice on how to succeed with your pork rib?

First advice: Make deep incisions across the rib, deep into the fat. Season the rib with salt and pepper well in advance. This will draw water out of the meat, making it easier to get those crisp pork cracklings.

Second advice: Allow the rib to steam, skin side down in some water in a baking tray, before placing it on a broiler. Place a small ball of tin foil on the middle for excess water to escape.

Enjoy Food & Travel wish good luck to those of you struggling with this piece de resistance. For those living elsewhere - good luck with the preparation of your turkey or duck!!

Merry Christmas!!

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