Monday, December 01, 2008

The duck is in the oven, and.......

November 29th 2008: The soup is made, the duck is in the oven, the last shopping has been done - and the menu ready. What is the hurry? None, but my experience is when I feel that I have much time, there is too little of it.

Let me present the menu of today!!

Thai fish soup with prawns and small fish balls
Smokey Mesquite and sweet chili marinated roast duck with bacon, apple, and sage stuffing
Pickled red cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and roasted Amandine potatoes
Red wine sauce
Fourme D'Ambert
Vieux Panè
Rye bread & cheese jam
Red currant & lemon cheese cake

White wine served with soup, red wine to main course and cheese, cognac and coffee to the cake.

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