Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Coming up - pre Christmas in Värmland

I love Värmland. I have traveled through this west Swedish landscape twice before. From Karlstad, the administrative centre of this county, located the coastline of the vast lake Vänern to the deep wilderness of the spruce and pine forests. Värmland has so much in common with the counties west of the border, but is in many ways very different.

I have told the story of Sunnemo before here on Enjoy Food & Travel. It is a charming community within the boundaries of the city of Hagfors. This quiet, quaint village located in a small valley surrounded by low wooden hills, goes back to the mid 17th century and beyond. A beautiful wooden church built in 1653 and remains of an old 17th century iron work are the main sights of Sunnemo.

But this is a place of tranquility, a luxury getting scarcer in a busy world that presently dives into economic recession. I therefore look forward to visit the parents of my good pal Terje.

What to do? As I already have toured the sights of the place, to still my hunger for quitness, I suppose. Eat and drink as well. In fact rumors have it that there are a few succulent goose breasts hidden away in a freezer waiting to be prepared by Terje and I. What a swell thing!!

More on Sunnemo here on Enjoy Food & Travel

Meals prepared at Sunnemo:

- Duck Breast with cherry sauce
- Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with black truffles

Sights of Sunnemo:

- Gubbkroken
- Hyttruinen
- Spånhyvelen
- Sunnemo Kyrka

Even more Värmland stories:

- Read the story on Selma Lagerlöfs residence Mårbacka
- Karlstad - a city by the inland sea
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I think Swedish landscape is full to the brim with these little places that never get written up in the glossy travel mags or newspaper travel sections that stick to the same old destinations everyone always goes to.