Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sitges: Greasy at La Oca

June 20th 2008: One very difficult choice - where to eat dinner today. It is funny how vacation manage to move your focus from theoretical problems to rather easy choices. We were recommended to try chicken at La Oca, located in one of the narrow streets of Sitges, close to the beach. We will not recommend La Oca, it is as easy as that.

A classic Spanish bodega style interior. We have seen them before. The fact that the restaurant was nearly empty should have made the alarm bells ring. It usually doesn't when visiting Spain, as Spaniards usually eat much later than Scandinavians.

We were not the only Northern European visitors in Sitges this week though, so normally it should have been more people there with our habits.

Fried chicken breast with bearnaise sauce, French fries, baked red peppers and mushrooms

It sounded well, but when served it was greasy, greasy, greasy.

For God's sake it does not have to be that way!!

When rolling a chicken breast in bread crumbs, then frying it, place the breast a short moment on a kitchen paper. This removes excess fat. Do the same thing with french fries.

The guest should not have to digest so much unnecessary fat. Remember that the bearnaise sauce in itself is butter based and very rich.

The baked red peppers and fried button mushrooms provided some relief from all the fat.

Be sure - La Oca is a place that I will never visit again!

Restaurant La Oca
c/ Parelladas nº 41
08870 Sitges (Barcelona)
Phone + 34 93 894 79 36

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