Saturday, November 29, 2008

A pre-christmas duck revisited

Saturday I have my the yearly Tante Pose banquet for four guys in our 40's. We are the last generation that may connect this Norwegian film classic to our childhood Christmas celebrations. The distant echos of innocent love, trivial plots, and VISA-free shopping. Images of a good old fashioned Christmas on a manor house located in a winter wonderland we now just remember, being four guys in our 40's of the climate change generation. Do we miss these times? Hardly! Credit cards, free love and prospect of palm trees coming soon are much better. But it does not harm to look back and reflect...... once a year!!

One days work - from Dusk to Dawn

Tante Pose or not, this event is dedicated to good food. As one of the participants has a Danish mother, duck is not far fetched as seasonal grub.

I went to my local supermarket to look for a victim (alias Donald Duck), and found a French canette (i.e. small duck, à la one of the Duck triplets) of around 1500 grams (3,2 lb). This is not much meat, so I always make a starter and a dessert plus the stuffing, pickled red cabbage, Brussels sprout and thick gravy for the fowl!

A Thai-East Asian Fusion seafood soup

This year's starter is under construction. I plan a East Asian seafood soup with Devils on Horsebacks.

The soup will be based on stock made from prawn shells, salt, pepper, and Kaffir Lime leaves with curry, sweet chili sauce, and coconut milk.

To prepare Devils on Horseback you will need large scallops (2 per person), fold one slice of bacon around it and fry in a hot oven until bacon is crisp. Then I will add the shelled prawns and heat them through and I will add the Devils at the end.

Dessert? I do not know yet, but I know what to drink. White wine for the starter, red wine to the duck and cognac to the coffee.

And then we will sink down into my comfortable chairs and dream back to the age of innocence - now long gone!!

How to prepare a duck from dusk to dawn

I follow the same procedure every year, and for more information I will refer to my story from 2006 here on Enjoy Food & Travel:

- How to prepare a French canette "Tante Pose Style"
- How to prepare the stuffing

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