Friday, November 28, 2008

Hurtigruten ASA cuts 200 jobs to slash budget deficit

Hurtigruten is called the worlds most beautiful cruise. The cruise line operates along the long and breathtaking Norwegian coastline from Bergen in the south to Kirkenes in the north. It is now in deep financial problems and will, according to Norwegian newspapers, be slashing 200 jobs to cut costs as the company struggle in heavy financial seas.

Earlier Hurtigruten served as an important life line for the small and large communities scattered on many of the islands and peninsulas along the coast. It brought supplies to and was the main transportation link for the coastal population.

This role changed in the 1980s and 1990s as the service increasingly was marketed as tourist cruises. This change was emphasized by construction of larger and more luxurious vessels.

The decline in passengers were noticed in 2008 as fewer tourists booked tickets to discover the rough coastline, there are serious doubts of whether the cruiseline will make it through these trying times.
The company will have to reduce costs with 35% in 2009 in order to survive, and these expenses will be taken on sales, marketing and administration.

See the Hurtigruten website here


Jeff Paulett said...

Hurtigruten is a great cruise line and the best way to see the beautiful scenery of Norway. I truly hope it manages to survive.

chris said...

i was in spain, italy, greece, singapore and australia ... but the trip from bergen to kirkenes on the "MS Lofoten" was the best travel ever!!!

i'll be back ... mabye in winter!