Saturday, November 08, 2008

Grub for hockey mams (and dads)

It is difficult for us Norwegians and even Europeans to comprehend the role of sport in the US society. Until Sarah Palin entered the political stage, the hockey mams were an unknown force, with or without lip stick. I did not know any hockey mams (or dads), before my cousin came out of the closet as one of the community. I had one of the most charming encounters with this clan, as I attended a cookout in a large garden in Scituate MA.

I have attended a few US garden parties during the last 20 years. Informality is the keyword. Relaxed around a large gas grill preparing steaks and hamburgers, large bowls of salad, snacks and dips, and large quantities of beer and wine. The Scituate Hockey cookout was no exception.

It was a beautiful property close to a large golfing ground. Being in New England in September you are struck by the intense late summer heat and the intense green vegetation. The cookout was preceeded by intense planning of the coming season, tactics, program, and money, and all participated, mums, dads, sons and daughters.

Then we assembled around the table, and it was intriguing to see what was served, as these crostinis served with a sour cream dip and chili salsa.

Another interesting dish was inspired by one of my favourites, the Buffalo wings, the Buffalo wings dip.

Exploring the net I found a recipe for this scrumptious treat, a mix of cream cheese, boneless chicken breast, chunky blue cheese dressing, hot wings sauce and shredded Monterrey Jack cheese, served with nachos.

See full recipe on

And as one of the hockey dads took over by the gas grill, cheeseburgers and hot dogs appeared at the table. It was accompanied by fresh salad, pasta salad, a delicious potato and red onion salad.

I am not particularly fond of hockey mums as Sarah Palin, but these hockey parents were no pitbulls. I had a great time in a very sympathetic crowd of parents struggling to give their kids a good time.

So this was another of many garden parties enjoyed on the other side of the herring pond. I am very happy that I stay with my family when being there. If not, I would hardly have known the breed of parents the governor of Alaska referred to, but now I know.

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