Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dubai - do we wanna go there? No thanks!!

After two british tourists decided to take sex on a beach one step further, this incident clearly shows what hasards Western tourist face when visiting an apparent modern society. I do not know whether they got the idea from having one too many "Sex on the Beach" in the bar one evening, but they left the counter in order to have a public shag.

See story in Los Angeles Times here

That was not a good idea in Dubai. Under the slick facades of this tempting destination lures old prejudice, not only against such explicit expressions as the one above. Even what we consider normal behaviour as a romantic kiss, or getting a little tipsy when walking home may get you to jail. I would certainly think again if considering love making when watched by the locals, but do we really wanna go somewhere where you risk so much for a kiss or being a little drunk. You may. I do not.

Where gays should never thread

This is definitely not ground for homosexual and lesbian travellers. Holding hands and kissing among gays and lesbians in public do still cause a few raised eye brows even here in liberal Scandinavia.

In Arab countries homosexual travellers risk a death sentence for being gay or lesbian. Holding hands here may result in terrible consequences.

Here you see why. This map shows the conditions for homosexuals in different countries of the world.

The green colours are friendly or neutral territory and the yellows, orange or reds are distinction of penalty for homosexual conduct and among those with the harshest penalties are countries on the Arab peninsula - up to death penalty.

Gay or not gay - does any one really wants to visit such countries - think again!!!

Guide to proper conduct from Madinat Jumeirah hotel in Dubai (Source: Times Online)

This prestigious hotel in Dubai has at least made a flyer in order to point to the small distance between normal human activity and imprisonment. Here are the advice the hotel give to their customers.

On drinking alcohol:
“Drinking is not a part of Muslim culture and alcohol is not served openly. Drunken behaviour, especially outside licensed premises in the hotel, is severely punished.”
On showing affection!
“It is strongly recommended that you employ discretion when expressing affection in public. Anything more than a peck on the cheek could offend those around you and even possibly lead to police involvement.”
You might as well book a single room in a convent, it would be much more fun. A culture with such an attitude does not deserve any tourists. I do thank the tourists that had sex on the beach for their contribution in highlighting the cultural absurdity in countries as Dubai.

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