Thursday, November 20, 2008

Christmas dinner at Spisekroken

Spisekroken in Bergen presented me with one of my best meals ever in May 2007. This small restaurant located at Nordnes, a quaint area of Bergen served a three course meal to die for with the best wines. I am pleased to say that I will revisit this restaurant the coming Saturday.

Very few restaurants choose their ingredients with care in order to create an ultimate experience for their guests. During the life time of Enjoy Food & Travel I can count a hand full of places that have presented food that leaves you speechless.

Spisekroken is definitely one of these restaurants. The meal served 18 months ago had no flaws, what so ever. Presentation, taste and texture were immaculate. Even though we paid a staggering sum (around €225) we left feeling that it was worth it, and that is a rare experience. I do not hesitate to say that this was truly a Michelin style experience.

I called on Tuesday to book a table for two, and I was told that I was lucky to get one. She informed me that they had introduced their Christmas season menu. I checked at their website and my eyes fell on their special menu - a revelation:

King crab with ananas salsa and raspberry AND
Lobster bisque AND
Grilled scallops with petit poire puré
Gourmet veal with balsamic vinegar, and red wine sauce
sauteed oyster mushroom, asparagus and amandine potato
Blackberry and Advocaatparfait AND
Espresso panacotta with sitrus salad AND
White chocolate mousse with cognac and cherries.

I particularly love the AND-words here, as they have chosen three different starters and desserts to offer a wider range of tastes. The price is NOK 525 per person (€75), and believe you me - it may well be worth it!!!

Time will show whether we go for this menu or another. What ever we do, we are guaranteed a great experience - our expectations are sky high!!

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