Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bergen November 20th to November 23rd 2008

I have just arrived back after 4 beautiful days in Bergen by the Norwegian West coast. This city is usually embraced by the mild winds of the Atlantic. During these days Father Frost dressed it in white snow brought by cold northerly winds. I experienced much during my four days there. Here is a list of stories to come on Enjoy Food & Travel


Bergen has a large number of hotels at any price range. I have stayed in different hotels and paid from €50 to €200. This time I stayed in one prestigious and expensive hotel and in one tourist class hotel. I also discovered that price does not necessarily mean high standard and good service, and you may save much by ordering via a hotel reservation site rather than directly. These are the hotels I stayed in during my 4 days in Bergen.
  • Radisson SAS Hotel Royal (November 20th to November 21st)
    Located in the historic Bryggen Area, this hotel won international awards when opened. When I stayed there 12 years ago I was very impressed. Now I experienced that old glory is not enough to maintain a good reputation
  • Bergen Travel Hotel (November 21st to November 23rd)
    Located a stone’s throw away from Torgallmenningen, Bergen’s main square. This small tourist class hotel had experienced a full makeover, and for a mere 100 Euros a night it provided good value for money.


Bergen is a great place to enjoy good seafood and game. The cool North Sea provides good seafood and fish in abundance and venison, deer and reindeer roam the forests and mountains near by. Here you may purchase organic cheese and dried codfish to enjoy when you get back. I enjoyed all the high quality ingredients in the restaurants of taverns of the old city.

  • Wesselstuen
    The place to enjoy a Danish style open sandwich with a cold beer and a shot of akvavit.

  • Café Opera
    An informal café close to “Den Nasjonale Scene” Bergen’s theatre. We enjoyed a delicious cod wrapped in bacon. Yum!

  • Spisekroken
    A gourmet restaurant revisited. Located in the charming Nordnes area, specializing in a nouvelle Norwegian cuisine.

  • Holbergstuen
    Another Danish style tavern in Bergen. We enjoyed a great plate of pre-Christmas specialties served with an interesting sauce

  • Fincken
    For those of you that want a walk on the wild or queer side of Bergen

  • Scruffy Murphy’s
    My favourite Irish hangout in Bergen


Bergen is, in my opinion, the only truly Medieval city in Norway. Even though few buildings from this era are still standing, it has a truly ancient character. The 300 year old Bryggen reflects an architecture that is far older. You may explore the narrowest of streets and visit one of the ancient churches that are still standing as monuments from Bergens great past.

  • Bryggen in Bergen
    A UNESCO World Heritage site. Houses from around 1700 built according to medieval traditions from the Hansa Merchant Companies. I found some very interesting old houses predating the great fire

  • Fløien
    The funicular from Bergen city centre brought us up 1000 feet into a fairy tale winter wonderland and to a view of the city to die for

  • Muren
    An old city house built 1561 as a residence for Erik Rosenkrantz, a Danish noble man representing the Danish king.

  • Rosenkrantz tower
    An old keep of the old fortress built in the 16th century.

  • Jørgen Hansens wall
    A 16th century addition to the old fortress

  • Nykirken
    A beautiful baroque church built on top of the Medieval Episcopal Palace with a long and dramatic history

  • Nordnes
    A quaint area in the city centre with narrow passages and charming small wooden houses

  • Bergen Aquarium
    Located on the southern tip of Nordnes. Definitely the place for both adults and kids. Do as we did, watch when they feed the penguins and seals - great fun!

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Hans said...

I can also recommend Skansen Pensjonat, located close to Fløibanen, as a moderately priced and very cozy alternative.