Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tastes of South Africa

Yesterday I went to StorO centre in Oslo, home to one of the best supermarket in town. I came out with a highly untraditional shopping bag. Norway has a strictly regulated food market. This means a smaller selection of imported foods than in most other part of Europe. I returned to my kitchen with some very interesting products to try in my cooking. Like three intriguing ready made sauces from South Africa.

It is excactly one year since I was in South Africa. I was very excited to see products from this country in the supermarket shelves. Three different products branded as Something South African. On their website the firm describes their products as;

"...a little African fire, a dash of Dutch heartiness, a soupcon of French finesse, a smidgen of British restraint, a touch of German richness, and a smattering of the mysterious spices of Eastern lands for good measure."
They are said to reflect the rainbow cuisine of South Africa a fusion of European, Asian and African influences. I encountered all these tastes during my trip to South Africa.

I bought all three sauces available. The Peppardew, sweet piquante pepper sauce, Cape Malay Curry with coconut and garlic, and Spicy Durban Curry with chillies and ginger.

The sauces are well suited for beef, lamb, chicken as well as prawns.

I am very excited to find such interesting products in my supermarket shelf, and I do look forward to use them in my cooking. Then we'll see whether they have encapsuled the tastes that I remember from this wonderful country.

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