Monday, October 06, 2008

Sitges: Izarra - favourite among locals

I love Danish open sandwiches and I love Pintxos! The latter being Basque tapas, i.e. delicacies served on slices of white bread. In Sitges we found Izarra, a place favoured by the locals. Here we were served delicious pintxos, but - they could never compete with those served at Bilbao Berria in Barcelona.

For those of you that have not enjoyed a pintxo, you are recommended to do so. The basques love rich ingredients as mayonnaise and salads based on mayonnaise.

As these delicious ingredients in abundance pinned to a slice of white bread, slices of delicious salted anchovis topped with hard boiled eggs and mayonnaise.

Contrasts - the mild richness of the eggs and the strong salt fish! Yum!

Another personal favourite is the pintxo with baked red peppers and tuna salad. I have enjoyed this variety at Bilbao Berria. When preparing tapas for my good friend Ketils 50th anniversary September 2007, this was one of the pintxos I prepared for his buffet.

The sweetness of the red pepper and the mild tuna, mayonnaise salad is unbeatable - a winner!!!

Here is another mayonnaise based salad, made with hard boiled eggs and crayfish tails in large quantities. Sinful, greasy goodness, a mild and tasty combination.

In the background a rather atypical pintxo, a variation of the tapas above. Short crust pastry filled with tuna salad and garnished with roasted peppers.

Izarra is definitely a good place for a rendez-vous with a pintxo or four. The small room is packed with people, most Spanish - young and old gather to eat, drink and talk. The prices are very agreeable, no tourist rip-off to eat at Izarro.

C/ Major 22

08870 Sitges, Spain
938 947 370

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