Friday, October 24, 2008

Schweriner Dom

Wherever you are in Schwerin, you will see the 117 metre tower of Schweriner Dom. This wonderful church was built 1248-1416, but the tower was finished as late as 1893.

Most of the Gothic cathedrals I have visited have been built in stone. In Northern Germany, however, you find large red brick churches, and Schweriner Dom resembles churches I have seen in Lubeck and Hamburg.

The church is different in other ways. Cathedrals as those found in Lyon and Strasbourg are ornate structures with light arches and a large number of statues. The Schweriner Dom is very different. You have arches all right, but decorations thin and elegant as lace are not found here.

When entering the church, you are met by a bright, white and light interior.

Not as in Notre Dame or the Nidaros cathedral, where you find dark and mysterious interiors where the light is reflected through beautiful coloured stained glass.

But you are easily decieved by this interior. In parts of the church you see what is hidden behind the white paint. Faded, but still colourful decorations painted directly on the stones.

Within the church walls you find the mausoleum of the dukes and duchesses of Mecklenburg Vorpommern.

The Headstones of the von Bülow Family

One family has been intimately connected to the Schweriner Dom. In the 13th and 14th century 4 generations of this family were appointed bishops of Schwerin. They were Gottfried, Ludolf, Heinrich and Friedrich von Bülow.

A Flamish unknown master made two magnificent headstones in pure brass in their memory. They are exquisite examples of the skills of the late 14th century, when they were engraved.

They have been brought back to their former glory by Joseph Wieczorek. This work has been funded by the von Bülow family

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