Wednesday, October 29, 2008

R.I.P. Sterling Airlines A/S (1962-2008)

I wrote an article here on Enjoy Food & Travel September 27th. The title of the article was The end for Sterling in the Norwegian flight market? It was not only the end in Norway, it was the end, everywhere, full stop! The following message was posted on Sterling Airlines website today October 28th.

Dear customers, employees and other stakeholders

"During the last few weeks, the management, board of directors, and the shareholder of Sterling Airlines A/S have been fighting a battle to keep the company alive. Sadly, this has not had a positive outcome, and we have therefore decided to file for bankruptcy which will be done later today."

See the rest of the message here

The airline was founded in Denmark 46 years ago, and was bought up by the Icelandic investors Fons Eignarhaldsfélag in 2006. Sterling experienced large losses during 2008 and the collaps of the Icelandic financial sector delt the final blow to the airline.

You who have bought tickets over internett will get no refund. The airline gives travellers the following advice:
  • "Customers who have directly purchased their tickets on Sterling’s website will unfortunately not be refunded neither will their return flights. You therefore have to book your return flights with another airline company.

  • If you have paid for a flight by credit card, we advise you to contact your bank or credit card company to ask for a possible refund.

  • Customers who have booked their flights through a travel agency or tour operator should initially contact them"
Sterling established October 1st a codesharing agreement with Norwegian Air Shuttle on several of its flights. For those passengers Sterling gives the following advice:
  • "Passengers who have booked their tickets through Sterling, but is flying with Norwegian, should contact Norwegian directly on one of the below phone numbers:
    +47 21490015 (from outside Norway)
    815 21 815 (from Norway)"
More information on rights of Norwegian travellers are avaliable here

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